I've currently leveled all the girls I have to the level max (I'M lvl 14) and there affections are all maxed also.

Has a user, I feel that I'm blocked in the mechanics I have access to.. I can see maybe 3 or 4 (if I'm lucky) "pages" of the story with a full energy and I can only battle twice a boss before waiting a long amount of time before doing anything again.

I've tryied for a few weeks now, to drop another girl so I can have something to do, a goal.. But it seems impossible get any! I'm currently starting to feel that I should stop playing since I don't have much I can do in this game.. Plus, since I'm only level 14 and already reaching a blocker. I keep wondering if there's anything I could do more on this game or if I should go find another game. (Wich lead me to the forum)

I'm studying has Game designer and I'm wondering if you guys needed some/more help? I have a bunch of idea that I would be happy to discuss in private. I might try to contact an admin in PM. (I won't give any private information on the forum that could lead to expose myself)

Thank you