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    Unable to access Discontinued Games version of MWA forum

    (since there doesn't seem to be a "bug report" forum, I'll have to post this here)

    In the "Discontinued Games" forum, there's a link to the Millennium War Aigis sub-forum. However, clicking on that link just leads to the DMM Aigis forum here. The threads are still there, and I can access the last one posted in via the usual "Last Post" column. But I can't actually view the forum itself. Even going to a thread and clicking the forum name in the address bar (to the left of the thread name) just redirects to the DMM Aigis forum, not the Discontinued Games Aigis forum.
    Personal favorites, by game:
    Millennium War Aigis (RIP): Liana
    Girls Kingdom (RIP): Iris
    Dragon Tactics: Memories (RIP): Diske
    Brave Girl Ravens xR (RIP): Francette
    ...Most of the games I play on Nutaku end up getting taken down. Hmm.

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    Result of having forums with the same names.. had to rename the DMM forums to fix it. Will have to see if I can find a better fix at some point.

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