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    Shockwave Flash and Nutaku not responding on Nutaku games

    I got a new laptop a while back, about a year ago actually, which was around the time I stopped actively playing Nutaku. I played it on this laptop a bit, but stopped a few months ago entirely. I wanted to come back to Nutaku because games I usually play are getting boring, and I'm starting to get back into anime. However, when I try to play games like Flower Knight Girls, or any other Nutaku game for that matter, it gives me the error "Shockwave Flash isn't responding" and other stuff on my chrome, and the loading screen freezes. Sometimes it unfreezes, but this "unfreeze" causes a loading screen which lasts for ever. It literally doesn't even bother to load the game. Yes, I've tried clearing cache and browsing data, and reinstalling adobe and all that. The only thing I haven't done so far is reinstall chrome, and I'm afraid that still wont work. Have any suggestions?
    P.S. This happens on every browser I try. (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.)

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    Update: Propero Seduction works, but still not FKG or any other games.

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