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    Hola! Yes, it's me, darkness, your ol' friend... well, if y'all still recognize me, that is. *wink* It's been a looooooooooooooooong while since I last shared anything in here, eh?

    As a sort of "tradition" every year for the past 3 years now, I go on this kind of gacha "spree" to celebrate my birthday in October. Aside from splurging on gacha draws around that time of the year, it is also when I make selections via tickets or sealstones I intentionally saved (or haven't used) up to that point. I only included rainbow picks for this video in order to keep it short.

    Full list:

    Currency / Ticket / Selection Sealstone Quantity Unit
    Bond Crystals (-18,000) ★★★★★ Rhodanthe
    2015 Sealstone/s 4 ★★★★★ Japanese Iris
    ★★★★★ Cape Jasmine
    ★★★★★ Poinsettia
    ★★★★★ Water Lily (duplicate)
    2016 Sealstone/s 6 (-4) ★★★★★ Lily
    ★★★★★ Cattleya (Swimsuit)
    ★★★★★ Skunk Vine
    Apricot (Christmas)
    DGFES 2020 Sealstone/s 1 ★★★★★ Coral Flower (June Bride)
    Compensation Rainbow Exchange Tickets
    (from May 2020 rainbow medal revamp)
    3 Cardamine Lyrata
    Snow Drop
    Item Pack Ticket*
    (4900 DMM Points)
    1 Meconopsis
    Rainbow Medals (-300) Diamond Frost
    For the 3 compensation rainbow tickets, while Cardamine Lyrata and Balsam were surefire picks as they have been on my wishlist since forever (because I failed to get both on their rate-ups), I had a tough time choosing who to get for the last ticket as even though I would use it on a relatively new rainbow (2019), I honestly wanted to get one from 2016. Snow Drop's rework convinced me enough.

    For the item pack ticket, I originally would use it on Orange, but when I drew her and Easter Chocolate Cosmos from the September 2020 free reroll, I decided to save it for either Meconopsis or Iwarenge.

    Lastly, I chose Diamond Frost with my rainbow medals as I've long wanted her since the rainbow medal exchange revamp.

    Having extra rainbow equipment flowers from doing the new monthly step-ups, I full-specced my waifu at last to earn the 一途な団長 / "Dedicated Danchou" title.

    This isn’t even her final form. *evil grin*

    Having gotten those hauls, I wasn't letting that Infinite Mechanical Castle (カラクリ無限城) "beta" slip — with only one day left — without getting to 800000.

    Once officially up after last week's maint (11/9), I marathoned all its floors the next morning on my way to 800k. Took me about 2-3 hours iirc.

    I know there's a way to cheese most of them in one turn with a certain new unit, but meh... where's the thrill in that?

    I'd rather have my favorite girl for the finale... and no, it's not Blackberry, I swear!

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    Welcome back, and nice picks .
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    Welcome back and congrats for you new girls.

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    I didn't do 800k but I finally finished it!
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    Congrats and a late happy birthday.

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    Congrats to raine for achieving the dedicated danchou achievement plus beating the mechanical castle, and those are some really nice girls! Grats to phob for finishing the castle!
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    Ok, so we get a new Canola.
    Only Cepha missing then.

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    I'm very pleased by the new Canola. It means that there's still hope for a second Lily R one day. (Oh, and the new Canola's pretty cute too.)

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    I like the new Canola and, yeah, I'm hoping that Silver Orchid/Cepha gets a chance to shine in the future. Maybe Cepha can be one of the participants in the next Bride event.

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