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    Title: Charge-pya!1

    Native Bryony: Charge, cha~~arge!!
    Worm Wood: Kya!
    Worm Wood: Oh my... Clinging to me, the Black Witch...
    Worm Wood: Should I let you experience Herb's2 charge I wonder.
    Native Bryony: Ooh...!
    Native Bryony: If you're bringing in Herb, then here is Suzume!!
    Suzume: !?
    Native Bryony: Suzume!! Go-pya!!
    Native Bryony: <Go-! Suzume-!>
    Suzume: <shaking> .....
    Native Bryony: <Charge in~~!>

    1 Native Bryony's habit of adding "-pya" to the end of her sentences.
    2 Erubu - possibly Elb, Erb or Herb

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: The arrangement that becomes the curry

    Buckbean: What are you putting into Fringy's curry-mya!?
    <Annual Blue-eyed Grass: Ah, Buckbean!>
    Annual Blue-eyed Grass: Don't worry! It'll make it delicious! <pouring in>
    Annual Blue-eyed Grass: Finished...! This color is cu-rei-zee but... It's a jam-packed swe~et curry!
    <Buckbean: It doesn't look tasty at all...>
    <curry waiting to pounce>
    Annual Blue-eyed Grass: Mmmm-! It's sweet and deh-lee-cious~! <Sweet!>
    Buckbean: <Eeh~> I wonder now... It looks like it should taste like jam-mya...
    Annual Blue-eyed Grass: I can properly tell, you know? Half of the beans in this curry are high-grade beans native to Blossom Hill and the other half are special sale beans. <wipe wipe>
    <Buckbean: Is that so-mya!!?>
    Water Fringe: !!

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: A new mama

    Azalea: Thank you very much
    Azalea: mama...
    Sparaxis: ...mama?
    Azalea: Ah!
    Azalea: I... I'm sorry!! My mistake!!
    Sparaxis: It's fine, it's fine! From today on I'll be your mama!!
    Azalea: Wapu!
    Azalea: Eh... Eeeeh~~!?
    Skullcap: And I'll be papa!
    Azalea: EEH!?
    Sparaxis: Oh! It's papa!

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: Big sister's picture book

    Baby Blue Eyes: Sparaxis, what are you reading?
    Sparaxis: It's a picture book.
    Sparaxis: I love stories that have a happy end! It becomes a reference on how to bring peace!
    Baby Blue Eyes: I see...! May I try reading it as well?
    Sparaxis: Of course!
    Baby Blue Eyes: With this, will I get closer to being an adult-like big sister?
    <Baby Blue Eyes: Just like Sparaxis.>
    <Sparaxis: So, it's like that...>
    Sparaxis: Ah-... But looking at you now, a big sister is something I'm...
    <Azalea joining the fun>
    Sparaxis: <...seeing.>
    Sparaxis: <You're looking like a big sister now, Baby Blue Eyes.>

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: A little sister to be proud of

    Turnip: I'll be meeting up with my little sister now for the first time in a while!
    <Turnip: I'm looking forward to it!>
    Skullcap: Oh, that's right! You've mentioned you have a little sister before.
    Turnip: Yes! Even though I had a weak body when I was young, both back then and now without change, my little sister invited me to play with her.
    Turnip: She's the always positive and hardworking little sister I am proud of!
    Skullcap: Heeh-!
    Skullcap: It must be great... My little sisters and brothers are still young, but I hope they'll be like your sister when they grow up.
    Radish: Big sis Turnip~!!
    Radish (the Nazuna fan): It's been a while~!!
    Turnip: Radish, it's been a while!
    Skullcap: <On second thought, let me rethink my opinion.>

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: Matching looks, right?

    Strawberry: Canola~! Let's change your clothes to sweet lolita style ones as well~!
    Canola: Haaah!? What's all this suddenly!? Isn't it obvious that I refuse!!
    Strawberry: It's fine~ I'll lend you my clothes!
    Canola: Where did you pull those out from!?
    <Canola: I won't wear it!>
    Strawberry: Then again, there's not much difference between me and Canola, so I thought it would fit just right!
    Strawberry: Like here... <indicating height>
    Strawberry: and here too! <indicating breasts>
    Canola: I'll smack you.

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: Worrywart big sister

    Chloranthus: Big sis Ardisia, how do I look?
    Ardisia: <Waaah!> Chloranthus! You look absolutely cute!
    Chloranthus: Glad to hear~!
    Ardisia: Then again... Compared to always, aren't you too lightly dressed?
    Ardisia: How about putting this on top?
    Ardisia: And then these pants... And then this...
    Chloranthus: <Haah... haah...> Stop this already, big sis!!

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: Weird sweets

    Chloranthus: Instead of the usual donuts, it's cookies today, isn't it?
    Iberis: Yes! Since it's Christmas, I've prepared them specially!
    Iberis: If you get hungry, you can eat them too.
    Chloranthus: Awesome!
    Chloranthus: In that case, I'll also take one...
    <gingerbread man slips away>
    Chloranthus: Eh?

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: Ghost Weed's hat

    Billy Buttons: Ghost Weed, your costume is so cute!
    Ghost Weed: Thank you very much!
    Ghost Weed: Truth is, this my very own design. <Ehehe>
    Billy Buttons: I see... Somehow this hat you're wearing
    Billy Buttons: reminds me of my favorite mochi or manjuu
    Billy Buttons: and it's making me hungry.
    Ghost Weed: ......
    Iberis: What happened to your head!?

    Name: Volarmis
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    Title: Love fortune-telling

    Moth Orchid: Lady Margaret, what might you be doing?
    Margaret: Love fortune-telling.
    Moth Orchid: Hm?
    Margaret: <Ah!> No... w-wait, my mistake!! It's just regular fortune-telling!!
    <Margaret:: Not the love kind!!>
    Moth Orchid: <Fufufu> I see. How does this fortune-telling work?
    Margaret: It seems that if the pumpkin floats, my wish will be granted.
    <Margaret: OK, it floated. Once more...>
    Moth Orchid: Is that so?
    <Moth Orchid: Doesn't it usually float or...?>

    Name: Volarmis
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