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    Well, that didn't go well. 102 tickets, first 8 draws salt.

    5* Barrenword dupe
    5* Peperomia dupe
    5* Bleeding Heart dupe

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    Almost missed this pact

    93 tickets rolled with mediocre results.

    Nazuna day Salt Pact-screen-shot-2020-07-27-8.32.11-am.jpg
    Nazuna day Salt Pact-screen-shot-2020-07-27-8.33.39-am.jpg
    Nazuna day Salt Pact-screen-shot-2020-07-27-8.34.16-am.jpg
    Nazuna day Salt Pact-screen-shot-2020-07-27-8.35.16-am.jpg


    New 5*: Tiger Lily (Xmas), Justicia (Xmas)
    Dupe 5*: Leucocoryne, Wax Tree, Calceolaria (x2)

    The new 5*s (Christmas in July) are nice, especially Tiger Lily. The dupes can be summarized as "Lolis I Don't Like" plus Leucocoryne. Overall, I've had worse pacts, but also certainly had better ones.

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    70 tickets, 4 dupe golds.

    Coral Flower (June Bride)
    Coral Bush (June Bride)
    Flamingo Plant (Christmas)

    My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomitain View Post
    Compared to original Acacia, New Year's loses the pest attack debuff and crit bonuses in return for boss-specific boosts (+attack power, +damage to bosses) and scaling skill proc. The character art is a nice bonus too; NY Acacia is just so happy about everything.
    Yeah that's what I love about the NY skin
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    It's the end of the pact. Thank your everyone. Congrats for thoses who got nice stuff. Sorry for the others. You will be more lucky next time. I hope.

    We got 9 entries for this pact.

    The luckiest commander is Myers (obviously) with 4 golds and & rainbow for 50 rolls.
    The unluckiest commander is durrem with 3 golds for 102 rolls (I hope you will get more luck and love next time).
    The highest 6* rate is Myers with 2%.
    The lowest 6* rate is all the other (except kuresuta) with 0%.
    The highest 5* rate is phob with 8.89%.
    The lowest is kuresuta with 0% (on 80 rolls. I don't even know how it's possible).

    We got 705 rolls here for 38 golds (10 news and 28 dupes) and 2 new rainbows.
    The global rates are 5.39% golds and 0.28% rainbows. It's very low even for salt ticket rates. Nazuna was not kind with us this time. Bad bad Nazuna.

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    Yeah, we've all seen better results.
    Thanks for hosting the pact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maotd View Post
    The lowest is kuresuta with 0% (on 80 rolls. I don't even know how it's possible).
    As possible as durrem's first 8 draws.

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    Odds of getting salt for 80 straight salt tickets is around 0.4%. Which is slightly less unlikely than drawing a rainbow in a single pull.

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