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    Draw Results: 3,000 gold prize pool

    Hi all,

    The raffle 3,000 gold prize pool was drawn at 19:00, 28th Nov 2018, and the following winners were drawn:
    1. nonsensei: 1,000 Nutaku gold balance
    2. Kitty: 1,000 Nutaku gold balance
    3. VeryVoodoo: 1,000 Nutaku gold balance

    Congratulations to all the winners, and better luck next time to the rest of you.

    Instructions on how to claim prizes are included in the winning PMs.

    - Harem Time Staff

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    OwO what's this
    selling brand new account with L/E SSR and full plus more fire team.

    has at least 1 SSR of each element.

    rank 41 .
    pm me teehee xox

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