Gay harem (Uncensored Hentai Game)

Gay Harem [Free to play] EN-picture_preview-0.jpg Gay Harem [Free to play] EN-picture_preview-1.jpg Gay Harem [Free to play] EN-picture_preview-2.jpg Gay Harem [Free to play] EN-picture_preview-3.jpg


Welcome to the insane world of Gay Harem, where the manga boys are hot and horny! In this RPG, you’ll go up against opponents and try to beat them in sexy battles, and build your own sexy bara harem. Lots of uncensored bara scenes. You are the hero of this game, so it’s time to get recruiting and develop your harem, as well as your hero, to win the battles! Create the best bara harem in this crazy horny universe, if you think you’re up to the task! Find out when you play Gay Harem!

Studio: Kinkoïd