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    LeoLebeau Guest

    Puzzle mission question

    I'm wondering what nutaku means by "make an item purchase" on this month's mission. Does it have to be necessary a gold purchase, or can it be, for example, a life crystal spending in flower knight girl? Or would the limited gacha in that game work as well? Thanks in advance.

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    Anything that uses nutaku gold, even ingame flower gem/sacred crystal purchases.

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    Question is, which game has the cheapest item? In case we wanna save as much as gold as possible
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    Unregistered Guest

    cheapest ive seen is 50 gold for a gem in kanpani girl

    not sure if its the cheapest. hope this helps

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    Sincronic already answered his own question

    Angelic Saga 10 gold for 1 potion
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    Unregistered Guest
    Hello again all. Back to you for a puzzle mission request this time. I need someone to follow me to complete a quest. My ID is LeoLebeau, 1961645.

    Thank you in advance!

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    What about this 'play a mobile game' mission? I played like 15 minutes of that Fortress Girl mobile game on both phone and computer, and it didn't unlock.

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