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    Paypal is going shit again

    Perhaps Nutaku/Epoch will discontinue Paypal as pay method seeing changes on Paypal ToS:

    - No negative feedback (ouch)
    - No extra fees if you offer paypal as method (currently Epoch add 5% per any SafetyPay/Paypal purchase)


    First issue may no impact on this area, but will do on many others.
    Give one F2P game to a Korean: He will turn it in a P2W (pay to win)
    Give one F2P to an American: He will turn it in a P2F (Pay to fail)
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    When have they not been garbage?

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    Paypal does not allow porn.
    It's exceptionnal/surprising to see it on Nutaku. It means that Nutaku's team is really good at negociating .
    But don't be surprised if it does not stay.

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    Only came across an issue using Epoch (specifically Paypal) so I'm wondering if this is relevant:

    Over the last few days I haven't been able to buy nutaku gold using the "Discover, JCB, Maestro + more" method. It'll show the extra 5% addition but when I choose an amount to buy, it switches to: https://puu.sh/sm3K8/10fe0562bd.png

    I sent a ticket to nutaku regarding this and got contacted by probiller, which said they don't deal with the paypal end and I'd have to talk to epoch.

    I set up a live chat with epoch and they said there isn't any notable issue with my account so in theory I should be able to use their services.

    I haven't found any posts here or anywhere else that suggests nutaku isn't using epoch anymore but I figured I'd ask anyways to be sure.

    So yeah, has anyone been able to access Epoch/Paypal within the last 3 days?

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    I noticed paypal recently changed some things with their service, but I can't say for sure if it affects transactions...

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    I haven't had any problems with paypal, bought a coat this morning even. Then again, that's not a paypal-epoch issue.

    I have had "problems" using epoch this month. Basically the page never loaded paypal so after a while i just closed it and retried and then it worked, nothing else, really.

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