Poll: How should Nutaku deal with content editing?

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    Haha, they forgot to edit the face icon on the right and comparing them side by side like this makes the edit look even more derpy. Amazing!

    Careful guys, you're gonna offend someone with those big eyes. /s

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    I think if people complain enough they might change the faces back we could need a ticket to support and let our voices be heard. http://www.nutaku.net/support/game-inquiries/ Support Ticket

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    Something may be happening. I currently have two copies of the Flora character. They are identical except for their mini-portraits:

    One of these was caught today, the other about a week ago. I'm not sure which is which. Either they've started changing the portraits to match their edits (boo!), or they're preparing to restore the original faces (yay!).

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    I'm worried as to how will they handle Taimanin Asagi. In terms of content, it's somewhat tame but not pure vanilla.

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    The player's opinion on editing content-11165fab85.jpg

    Major Concerns, this shouldn’t take long,

    “Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any books except the books that nobody reads.”
    ~George Bernard Shaw~

    Main Problems:

    What is Offered is not Promised
    Nutaku promises not only titles in High Quality, but Uncensored High Quality Titles. From marketing perspective this is a good strategy to get more customers, if and only if they have never seen the original artwork from Japan. Some images when compared to their counterparts are not only lower in quality, but attempt to make a mockery out of human anatomy with eyes not only decreased in size, but placed closer toward their foreheads or have their entire heads deformed. Yes, we understand these are Anime/Manga-based characters, so they are not meant to be realistic. Unfortunately, decreasing their eye size in attempt to make an originally non-realistic character “different” to possibly avoid unwanted attention from people that will argue and scream words on par with “pedophilia” (while these same people will not take any interest in playing the game) is either lazy or unrealistic, because not only is it impossible to avoid conflict, but there is no benefit to support the complainers that are not willing to pay. The majority of us are all accustomed to anime or JRPGs so we have all seen a Lolita-type before, this is nothing unusual in both genres, and the problem is mitigated in most companies by changing the ages of characters when brought to the USA to a legal age, without distorting their appearance. Hell, even Japan gives their Lolita-type characters legal ages above 18, ever heard of Touhou? Those girls sure as hell don’t look like they are in their 50s, but they are.

    Not Effective from a Business Perspective
    The players that play this game all share a common interest in either Anime or J-Games. Some may just be here for the pokemon-based concept of catching them all, but once again the majority of us are here for the ladies or rather the original great art designs of Eromon, some more than others. We all have our own preference on females that can reach different extremes from small bust size to large bust size, short height to tall height, and from sexy to cute. Take away that preference and you take away a large population willing to pay for that preference.

    Other Minor Problems:

    Destroying the original concept
    Copyright Infringement or that is what it might be considered if Nutaku did not have a contract with DDM.That is ok though, because the original concept that one of the artists put a lot of effort into creating was only scrapped for a lower quality version that appears to have been poly-morphed in photo shop. This also means they do not have to give any credit to the original artist, because it’s their own work.

    An Insult to Females with Small Busts
    Completely annihilating a large portion of the female race that is below 5’ foot tall, has a small bust size, or has a cuter more youthful face, not only creates a niche that says it is not “ok
    to be those things in a game, but also that it is not ok to be those things in reality. There are woman with all 3 of these features in the real world that are in face older than 18, while others may luck out with 2 out of 3. However, to say that they should not receive any attention or love and need to be censored even when they are above the age of 18 is a cruel fate. Many have received disrespect for looking younger than their actual age and this promotes such disrespect. It is not ok if your real life waifu has any of these 3 features or all 3, but we will approve of your relationship after she gets her skeletal structure replaced, plastic surgery and botox.

    NPCs Risk Harm as Well
    Hametena, the first NPC to be effected by the catastrophe known as “eye shrinkage” and “breast evolution”. Some symptoms may include morphed and/or clipped low quality clothing and belly enhancement. Hopefully future Eromons do not suffer the same fate.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Skulkraken View Post
    Reading the Twitter replies, it sounds like they tried to negotiate with the payment processors, who responded by digging in their heels on their editing demands. The edits made to the nuns now make more sense. They're literally the same kind of edits that were imposed on game companies during the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Sucks that there are still people who are stuck in the mud like that.

    Antagonizing customers isn't good business, but neither is antagonizing business partners. Nutaku's still got an all-ages site to launch sometime soon, and mainstream customers aren't very likely to put up with not being able to use the payment processors available right now. Money talks, bullshit walks. Unfortunately, the deeper pockets of the anime and manga audience at large mean that they have a much larger voice than we eroge players ever will.
    Funny thing is we are the anime and manga audience as well and many from the both genres would be against the Loli-apocalypse.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The player's opinion on editing content-ariana-grande.jpg

    If this continues.

    The player's opinion on editing content-ariana-grandeedit.jpg

    Ariana Grande, Age 22.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Skulkraken View Post
    I agree that it's a good idea for Nutaku to play it safe. Hellfire Girls and the Luv games are probably safer for Nutaku than the other titles it has because of it being based on live-action porn rather than animated porn.

    There is one other taboo that Nutaku has to play it safe with, and that's rape. It hasn't been that long ago that lobbyists and politicians were getting angry over RapeLay, and we're in the middle of an election on top of that. The goofy storyline rewrites we're seeing show up are going to continue being needed in order to keep Nutaku and its players from potentially getting hauled up before Congress and into the national spotlight.
    Oddly enough they are not censoring the "Teen" class in Hellfire Girls or changing it to something else, did they forgot teens are the ages 13 to 17?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Kotono View Post
    How are flowers supposed to make Noa appear older, anyway? Doesn't really change anything to me. Except for that it makes her description completely inaccurate.
    I just noticed, they also removed the stuffed animal on Hametene. Its illegal for older girls to have stuffed animals now.
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  6. A year later and they are still doing this bullshit.

    They'll never fucking change.

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  7. Does anyone have the link on their interview? Would like to know if there are some things we can point out to them.
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