Poll: How should Nutaku deal with content editing?

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    The player's opinion on editing content

    Most of us don't like what is happening in these games. However, at first it wasn't so bad. I can deal with loli's getting boobjobs, and to some extent, characters being removed or replaced. But when censorship is starting to show an incredibly obvious downgrade in quality of the art we DO get, why would this be allowed? How can we have faith in future games when the art quality keeps getting worse?

    Some examples: http://imgur.com/a/A8GeM
    Please vote in this poll and/or post any thoughts about what this means to you!
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    um 99% of the players don't even know how the original jap cards look, u might need some examples
    boobjobs - lol
    characters being removed or replaced - well they did say they might add lolis without @%&(%&/ art, never said when tho, dunno about other cards
    censorship - to be honest I prefer it that way..

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    That ones that don't know of the changes are better off not seeing the originals in some cases.

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    I don't have any problems with loli boobjobs, it isn't something THAT serious, but if the artwork's quality gets affected, then that is a problem. As someone wrote time ago (can't exactly remember where), big-breasted lolis could actually be a new sub-genre of lolicon itself.

    Anyone who watched hentai/asian porn before already knows how it works when it comes to censorship, so it shouldn't be anything new, but I do think that Nutaku's games are supposed to be western-oriented products, so they shouldn't apply censorship measures made for japanese laws, specially if they end up affecting the artwork itself.

    The loli stuff is a more complex subject, since it works in the opposite direction: loli-related artwork which is totally ok in Japan, can lead Nutaku to serious problems with western laws. Honestly I think they're playing with fire when allowing characters which breaks their own safety rules.
    The fact that there are loli characters being featured doesn't take away the risk they represent for Nutaku, so they're basically trying their luck when doing that.

    I don't know about the rest, but I personally would not like to go to Nutaku's website one day, and find it taken down for legal issues and/or losing support from western banks. With that in mind, I wouldn't mind to deal with some modifications/censorship as long as it doesn't affect the artwork's quality itself.

    IMO, Nutaku should play it safe, but without screwing with the quality.
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    I agree that it's a good idea for Nutaku to play it safe. Hellfire Girls and the Luv games are probably safer for Nutaku than the other titles it has because of it being based on live-action porn rather than animated porn.

    There is one other taboo that Nutaku has to play it safe with, and that's rape. It hasn't been that long ago that lobbyists and politicians were getting angry over RapeLay, and we're in the middle of an election on top of that. The goofy storyline rewrites we're seeing show up are going to continue being needed in order to keep Nutaku and its players from potentially getting hauled up before Congress and into the national spotlight.

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    Nutaku's edits have never been remotely good, and never suited the original artwork, but with Osawari they've reach a whole other level of shit. At this point Nutaku just needs to change payment providers and stop editing at all, as they're ruining characters with their cheap edits (most boobjobs are lazy smudge tools, all the osawari edits are crude resizes, fucking pentagram shopped on a nun, you can barely call them edits since no effort was involved whatsoever).
    If they refuse to change payment services (they really should though, fuck probiller it's terrible), then they should at least spend some actual money on their editing. Someone retard with a couple photoshop tools and no sense for art should not be in control of editing for games that basically revolve are the girls and their appearance. If edits were actually proper redrawing, tits suited to the character rather than balloons and faces not being touched at all, I think people would accept the changes more easily.

    But seriously just change fucking payment services, like everyone says, go ask Mangagamer for tips.

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    Personally I'm not paying even a cent more to nutaku till they revert this shit. I can (barely) agree to enlarged breasts, but why the hell mutilate faces? Why nun outfit was changed? Why pentagram was added to other nun? Why third nun was left as is?

    These games are all about collecting cute girls for me. Abominations nutaku made are not cute at all.

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    I'm not completely against editing of material if it means allowing it to be released for us, but there are limits. Some of this has just not been necessary at all, and the ones that may be considered necessary were done terribly. The art is the most important part of these games. Time and money should be properly spent on any edits that are made to make sure they come out good.

    I'm adding an imgur dump someone posted on ULMF to the main post, to show some of the changes made in Osawari.

    Nia is kinda creepy looking now
    I'm not even sure why Olivia was edited at all.
    Tenryu's body looks fine (actually kinda hot) but the face and hair just don't agree with each other.

    These westernized faces look horrible on original anime bodies.
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    Biggest mystery for me is why the hell they added pentagram and censored cleavage cutout of poor Seira. This cannot be explained by laws, payment processor or common sense at all. If anything, drawing pentagrams on nuns is more likely to get them in trouble with religious folks.

    Also, removing collar and chain Shizuku is pure bullshit too. There are no laws against BDSM.
    How the hell they are going to release Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena then? Every girl there is raped, often in hardcore ways involving BDSM, tentacles, stomach punching and so on. Is it taking so long because they redraw and rewrite every card and scene, lol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotono View Post
    Time and money should be properly spent on any edits that are made to make sure they come out good.
    I've talked with a Nutaku dev on this. Due to tight deadlines, they had to outsource the edits. They knew they fucked up when the art returned but there was no time to fix anything so they pushed through. They want to fix these mistakes. It'll take a maintenance period to replace art so they want to do it as a batch job, not a string of hot-fixes that frequently interrupts play. They can't stop editing at all, but they'll be more careful now.

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