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    Inquiry: Problems using Epoch/Paypal

    I already made an inquiry on another thread: http://harem-battle.club/general-dis...ypal-shit.html but I figured I'd ask again just to have a solid note (and maybe Nutaku might notice it here).

    The long story:

    As of roughly 2 weeks ago, I stopped being able to purchase Nutaku gold via Epoch/Paypal. From the gold store, I'd hit the "Discover, JCB, Maestro + more" box, select over a gold amount I want to buy, and then instead of taking me to the Epoch portal that would then have me verify my Paypal info, it gives a generic "Request Error - An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later."

    I tried using Nutaku's "Contact Website Support"...turns out that was Probiller so they pointed me to Epoch. I made a live chat with Epoch and Epoch said I had no problems with my account.

    My second live chat with Epoch, someone suggested I ask Paypal about it to be sure. I contacted Paypal via phone and they said there weren't any issues at all with Epoch (Didn't want to bring up nutaku for possibility of having to disclose the nature of the transactions).

    On that, I ended up getting booted back to Probiller, where a fairly irritating CS rep kept asking if I wanted to consider credit card or prepaid card instead...I eventually stated that I was just trying to get a hold of Nutaku and they said that they've been forwarding the complaints in an attempt to get the issue resolved and mentioned that this problem has been for others too.

    TL;DR: Has anyone else been unable to use Nutaku's Epoch/Paypal system? I've been under the impression it's just my account specifically that caught a red flag and they haven't notified me on anything but if it's site-level, That seems incredibly strange (more so since most of the games are presently undergoing Black Friday Sales).

    (You can verify by going to the gold store, choosing the "-Paypal" option and clicking on any gold amount to purchase. Just don't proceed further than that or you will end up buying something.)

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    I just tried and I am getting the same error.

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    I managed to use the Paypal option with no problem a few hours ago. I doubt that is the case, but have you tried to delete any cookies you have in your pc related to Nutaku, Probiller and Epoch? (btw doing this will log you out of your account when you leave the website)

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    Cookies, browsing data, media licenses, even tried a different browser with a clean start. I've had to reset those to deal with FKG and Aigis not working after a content update so I actually tried that first.

    It's strange though, if it's only being restrictive to some and not everyone, that would mean it's either random or conditional, and assuming it's not random...

    Well, whatevs. I had my eye on quite a few things for the Black Friday sales in a few games but if they want to block me off from giving them my money, then that's on them.

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