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    Question On this forum what exactly are "thanks"? How does one give "thanks"?

    On this forum what exactly are "thanks"? How does one give "thanks"? It is mentioned in the posting options, but nowhere else I can find anywhere in or on this forum or vBulletin webpages.
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    Thanking a post is just like giving a thumbs up on a comment on Youtube or Facebook or any other site. You like the post or reply, or you want to show that you agree with someone without giving a full reply.

    When someone gives a thanks to your post you will see it in the Notifications at the very top of the page when you are logged in. I will give a thanks to your post just so you will see how it works.

    This is how you give a thanks to a post made by another user; just click this button:

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    OOOOOOOHHHHHH, it's the smiley face! Geez, that's kinda hidden in plain sight, thank you!

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