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    I dunno, some of the games I've seen on Nutaku are very obvious about the sex - Girls Kingdom and Phantasma come to mind. And I think at least some of the games that are more tame about it (outside the sex scenes themselves) actually have non-X-rated versions, so they're much less vulgar simply by virtue of not necessarily being H-games.

    I think it really depends on which Western games you're comparing to which Eastern games, and there are definitely some vulger Eastern games out there...
    Waifu List:
    Millennium War Aigis: Liana
    Girls Kingdom (requiescat in pace): Mason
    Dragon Tactics: Memories (requiescat in pace): Diske
    Brave Girl Ravens xR: Francette

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    I think its a culture difference. Other countries have embraced sexuality online and others are very very hyper sensitiveness Political correctness. I think this site makes better games they don't have to worry about offending others. Where our gaming culture has not fully embraced the sexuality in games as other countries that's why some of sexuality games aren't great and others are heavily censored.

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    I think there is quite the difference between just being open to sexuality and writing bad dialogue of 6 word sentences only made up of the words slut, bitch, cum, and many different words for fucking.
    Fo example huniepop has quite provocative dialogue, not very much either, but it can convey most of the heroines character, whereas pussy saga often makes it hard differentiating between the girls, because they all nearly talk the same.
    An eastern example for being extremely lewd, but with quality would be kamihime: they have many pretty extreme niche fetishes in there, they actually have really well written dialogue.
    in the middle of sex scenes it also becomes pretty vulgar, but still often fits the setting, while the dialogue OP speaks about is usually completely out of place and sounds more like the people have tourette syndrome

    as someone else already said, the time, place and amount of "vulgar" speech makes a big difference between it being erotic or making you eye roll.

  4. I remember games like The Witcher, Grand Theft Auto, God of War has sex sence.

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    I believe Pussy Saga, Fap Titans and Bitch Hunter are all created by the same Russian dev. They advertise on a lot of very mainstream Adult sites, so they need to be pretty vulgar and in your face in order to have decent retention with that type of wide audience.

    They stick out a bit on Nutaku as a result, because the writing in most of the DMM games is pretty well done.

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