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    Sengoku Providence Reader App

    Test build

    Needed sprites of protagonist and his sister in png with transparent background.
    Current spites taken from game "Sengoku Hime".

    Needed story mode sountrack - http://senpro.wikia.com/wiki/BGM - here it exists, but i need with original filenames like story_m00.mp3.

    DMM game link - http://pc-play.games.dmm.com/play/senpro/

    Download from collection - resource dump replaced with reader.

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    SenPro fan Guest

    Thanks and help

    Thank you very much for listening to my request and making it. I can't express how greatfull I am. Just tried it and found that moust of the scenes are working great. But I'm getting a problem on the animated part of the scenes on the rearer ones. It says "IOError: Couldnt find file'bg/0191_mv_01.jpg'". Can I please ask how to fix this error.

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    As temporary solution you can try to press "ignore" when error appeared.

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