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    Question about most of DMM.com not loading

    So when I use DMM.com for playing Aegis War, or some of the others I have gotten into I noticed none of the banners load for me. Half the icons only show as an x or a broken image icon as well.

    Going in without a VPN to view the site at least shows the background and MOST of the banners. Going in with NordVPN results in no banners, no backgrounds, and more of the icons broken than usual.

    Does anyone have any experience on how to get the site to act normally?

    EDIT: As a note I use Google Chrome. I just tried this with Firefox and Edge, same results. But with Firefox I noticed when right clicking where a games icon should have been and trying to view image I was told the site was not secure. I bypassed it and now everything loads perfectly in Firefox that I just installed.

    Oddly enough the App on my android device has teh same issue.
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    For some games you have to change your systemtime to the tokyo time.
    For another game i had to change my Browser/Android language to Japanese.

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