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    Cuntwars payment really buggy? (lessen learned)

    Is it me or does cuntwars have a really buggy payment system? forsome reason when i pay in cuntwars the transactions never work and i lose my money while nutaku and the transaction company redirect me towards the other side. its not only the money that i lost but how the hell do you suddenly lose money but neither of the two have the money with them (nutaku says it never got a payment while the other side says that nutaku accepted the payment). Its really weird how shady these things are. But welp I learned my lesson for trying to spend some money.

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    I've never had a problem with purchases in this game and I make at least 2-3 every month. One thing that new players should be aware of is that the game is hosted thru Nutuku and Hooligapps. Nutaku is by far the better host but if you started the game thru Nutaku then your payments are tied to Nutaku. If you started the game thru Hooligapps then your payment is tied to Hooligapps. After you start playing and have registered the game be sure to write down your game 6 letter ID, email and password because if you clear the browser data or data on your phone you will need to know this infomation.As always I'm here to help new. players.
    Remember to add my ID VHMAJT in the friends/teacher tab after reaching rank 3 for an epic chest and some in game help. You can also find me on the game's discord https://discord.gg/44XRMKs at spade#1949

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