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    lurker Guest

    What do you recommend to play, that will "force me a break"?

    I made a Nutaku account some time ago, put some time (no money) into Kamihime Project , then it started to bore me and time-limited content seemingly not coming back deepened that feeling and since i didn't had anything else to play besides Harem Heroes (which imo went in the wrong way, especially with my "collector" trait).

    o, i'm here asking you guys, what do you recommend to play that one - has something to force me a break. Stamina and it's other names. If it's good enough for point two, then perhaps omit that. And point two - you can obtain everything in the game without paying anything, that is mostly about events.

    What do you say?

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    lurker Guest
    And what i forgot to mention - nothing in the fashion of "your photo storage is full! increace capacity with the premium currency!".

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    I can give you somesuggestions: Pocket fantasy, Fap CEO, Crystal maidens, PonPon, Fake Lay and Sacred Sword Princesses

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