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    Gamer31768 Guest
    Is the game still in beta???

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    Gamer31768 Guest
    How r people able to get the tournament? I still have beta version and can't access the tournament. Do i need to get a new account??

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    Gamer31768 Guest
    My question about how some people have tournament still stands. But bust started a new game and still don't have access to tournament

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    Aug 2015
    50th State
    Yea i think its by region. I dont know how to obtain tournaments, but im not gonna restart from zero either. They better fix it soon though, or the hand full of loyal players are gonna leave this game.

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    Gamer31768 Guest
    And now the tournament has changed to event but it still says not available in beta

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    Unregistered Guest

    I've gotten to the point where I can't progress

    Is there a point where I have to just wait to be able to open a 50gem pack to be able to progress further?

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    Gamer31768 Guest
    do u mean the story mode if u do u have to do the chest battles to get level up currency and get good combos and open the 8 hours free chest & u can only get gems from daily log in

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    Gamer31768 Guest
    also do u have event and tournament??

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    Made an account, but no I don't have event nor tournament. And yeah, story mode has stalled me to just before I can get the officer card.

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    Of course the minute I gripe about being unable to beat the last star before getting the officer, I luck my way into snowballing my nurse and diamond ring on the same turn and completly wipe it out.

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