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    The game is a waste of time if you play it free, I'm league 9, gathered 900k bucks over a week of intense playing and got 1 useless blue card...
    I can't say how is if you're spending money because I haven't spent any.
    They have an ugly bug, except for Polly all other girls have missing cards and can't be fully upgraded, since you can't get a citizen card from the store, even the gold box doesn't have citizen cards.
    The images are pretty cool. Many cards have only one or two combo images.
    It looks like they are in a hurry to cash money before finalizing the game.

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    We have created a discord server for Town of Sins , to help share information - come join the community - discord.gg/RkvQWnshpA

    thank you

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    i finallly come back to play again and the event is open!

    As for all the complaints (freezing, arena leauge 10, etc) those were always a problem. If you got to the beggining of this thread, you will see me complaining about them. Makes me feel old seeing new people surprised by that stuff.

    This game isnt the best, but at least there is something to do. I beat the game already, but now that there is the event, i can work hard on that.

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