Hello, my favorite gacha game is being closed on DMM later this month. I have little experience in recording something on a browser, but my past attempts have all failed and left me confused. Here is an example of what happens using OBS:

https: //gyazo. com/ c4ea7c50ac1c66e5c9580e78d3d0ffe4 (remove spaces)

And then this is the result (just shows the login screen of DMM even when you're logged in and playing a game):

https: //gyazo. com/ eca243b813ff8f80861dd8cca0114de8

It does the same for Nutaku. I also tried recording browser with Fraps (paid version), but it just straight up ignores the browser and records whatever else instead. I'm getting tired of this; I know that it's possible to record in-game scenes because some of them are uploaded online, but obviously with no one talking about how they achieved doing it and even paid versions of recording software acting stupid like this I cannot figure it out unless someone spells out what the issue is + how to solve it.

Kindly let me know asap because the deadline is at the end of this month. You should help me because the H-scenes in said closing game are animated and are generally some of the best H-scenes in any existing H-gacha game. Thanks in advance.