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    so far, I really like the Harem Heroes content, although I wish I could see more H-scenes from Dragon Providence, but I guess I need to spent a lot of time for it
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    Man, I started out the wrong games when I first play the games for the Hentai: Aigis and Flower Knight Girl along with Pero Pero Seduction. I found out I hated cards so I ditched Pero Pero Seduction.

    The only things I founded for animated Hentai were Pero Pero Seduction but it's censored. I never did unlock the cards. Didn't know the cards had Hentai unlockables.

    Aigis and Flower Knight Girl doesn't have the mosaic censorship, but I heard they had another form of censorship for lolis in forms of boobjobs which I don't mind as much.

    I did play Idol Wars Z for Flower Knight Girl crossover. LOL I can't remember what the Hentai was like or how it was unlocked. I didn't do much compared to Aigis, Flower Knight Girl, and Raven which needed gifts

    So Dragon Providence and Hitsuji Chronicle - OK thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them

    Feeling a bit in heat rite now hahahaha
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