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    Quote Originally Posted by JC Denton View Post
    Remember me Jesse? I will not forget a favor, maybe I can do some translating in return?
    Send me a message on Nutaku if you want me to do this
    I can help you if you'll get a chance to do a polish translation. I guess I'm not qualified enough to make it by my own, but surely I would do some work under your supervisory.

    (I know I'm far from being the best english speaker, but my understanding this language is much better than writing in it, also I think I'm quite good at writing in my native polish)

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    Is the translation of the game to polish has it started? If not I can take care of it.

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    I could help with that, I've changed Nutaku language to spanish to try if the game was also in that language, and it kinda does, but the translation is very poor, so if you need help with that, I could help. I remember there was a page where developers put all the sentences in the original languages and users could translate them, but I don't remember it's name, but if you know you could use that service.

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    Translation volunteer! Spanish from Spain

    Hello! I'm interested in being a translator for the Castillian Spanish (Spanish from Spain) translation.

    Although I'm from South America, I've worked in many translations for another games to Castillian Spanish, (currently I'm part of the team of The Elder Scrolls Online's fan translation (big game and very text-heavy)) and I kinda feel more comfortable translating to said language.

    (I was going to send this to Kinkoid's PM BTW. But some limit thingy didn't allow it)
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    Lightbulb Besoin de l'equipe

    Je me propose pour vous aider ,pour intégrer l'equipe si vous en avait besoin .

    I propose to help you, to join the team if you needed it .
    Thank you

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    MisterBukk Guest

    I could help with spanish

    i currently have a c1, and i've worked for some pages translating songs and I noticed that the actual translation could be improved

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    I started a thread to any forum member that would like to help me translating the game into Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR).

    Unfortunately, I cannot post a link for the thread here, so just search the forum threads for this:


    I hope some of you that are interested in translating would join me there!

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    im a native german speaker i could help with the german translation if you like

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinkoid View Post
    Dear HaremHeroes,

    our stats tell us that over 70% of you are not native english speakers.
    If you want to help translating the game in your native language... let's make it happen .

    We'd love to have HaremHeroes translated in as many languages as possible.
    But like everything, it's taking time, we're a small team already struggling with coding and content... talking online with our community takes also time... so yeah basically translating HHeroes is sadly not ranking high in the list of priorities.

    Right now, the game is written in french, and translated from french to english.
    We know that the english version needs improvements so an american friend living in France will soon start proofreading and translating from french to english.

    From a technological point of view, our game has been created to be multilingual. So hosting 1, 2 or 180languages is +/- the same thing.

    Obviously, next language will be french because it's already done and I believe it's quite well written .

    But after english and french... hard to tell...

    If we have to prioritize by "already existing community on the game" then german would be the next logical choice. But I don't understand anything of this language, don't have many german friends... so I would not know where to start.
    Spanish is next to german. It's a language I love, I have many friends from spain and latin america... that would be so cool... and so you know, if there's a real big motivation, we'd be fine having the game in Castilian, Andalusian, Galician and any other type of spanish... as long as it's consistant in quantity.
    Italian... there's few players from Italy for now... but a big crunch of HHeroes team is from Italian origins... so it would feel right to have an italian version .
    Portuguese... same as italian, few players, but it's a family thing for us . And as for spanish, we know that Brazilian is different enough from portuguese to justify different versions.

    And for other languages... everything is possible, from Russian to Japanese including Hebrew and dutch.

    * if you're patient, you'll see our game translated in the top 5 most spoken languages. If you're impatient, you can help us speeding up the process .
    * if at some point you find it outrageous that the game is available in germand and spanish but not in Galician or other language we have not planned on having... brace yourself and help us making it possible .

    If you're motivated/interested, either write on this topic or PM me, thanks !!!

    ... and that's it for today, have a great sunday !
    I´m a Galician native and can help with the translation if you want.
    By the way andalusian is not a language not even a dialect it´s just an accent, the only 4 languages in Spain are Castilian, Galician, Basque and Catalan.

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    BgSt Guest
    You really need to get somebody to proof the English content, it's just so jarring to read.

    "It's the first time I ever see one!" - incorrect
    "It's the first time I ever saw one!" - grammatical, but not idiomatic
    "I've never seen one before!" or perhaps "I've never actually seen one before!" - idiomatic

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