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    Apr 2016

    Christmas release

    The daily quests start on the 14. Are the troll girls available yet?

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    They're not AFAIK. Would be weird as well if they released the Christmas stuff on different times wouldn't it? :P

    I don't know how far in you are right now but a new scroll released with the announcement of the event so everybody should be good to go until the event is upon us xD

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    Everything starts the 14th!
    Moderator for Harem Heroes

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    Aug 2016
    Get ready guys, it's gonna be a fun yet challengin event .
    12/14 to get the exclusive girl!
    And you shall be all gratefull to JessieChan who fought for you... originally we planned to give the girl on a 14/14 condition but she really insisted on us being more generous and mercifull with the community.
    Hey it's Xmas after all so why not .

    Thanks again for your continuous support to HaremHeroes... we're developing it full power, as fast as we can, to keep you satisfied & coming back.
    2017 is gonna be awesome... well at least we're doing our best so that HaremHeroes contributes to everyone's daily fappiness


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    Leave it to JessieChan to fight for the players!

    I also want to thank you guys at Kinkoid for being so involved with the community! It probably isn't easy to endure the barrage of community involvement with such a small team. Respect to you for being so open towards everyone here!

    And to everyone else reading: Good luck and have fun during this event!

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    Only a few hours left..

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    Ready to get some girls

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    Aug 2016
    So... it started .
    Hope you'll have a lot of fun !!! As much fun as we had making it happen . It's been a LOT of work because we wanted it to be more awesome than the Halloween event... but we are proud of the result .
    Merry Xmas

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    Hi everybody
    I love snow, I love winter, I love ALL of you and I LOVE so much the snow man HAHAHAHA. The second carrot (the one that is not on his face ...) makes me LMAO
    Thank you Kinkoid for ... all of that and the fun and stuff !

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