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    Lightbulb HaremHeroes++

    Hey there,

    I present you HaremHeroes++, a script written in jquery/javascript, css and html, which adds some functionnalities into Harem Heroes' game (Hentai Harem also supported), like an addon, a mod.

    • What does it do?

      • HaremHeroes++ tries to improve the "quality of life" aspect of the game, helping you with informative displays on your own Harem, adding new functionnalities here and there. Tooltips, links to haremettes' wiki pages, quick list to navigate easily within the Harem, menu to fight against a specific troll, these kind of things... (full list on the wiki page)

    • How does it work?

      • The script reads the source code of the page (like your webbrowser do when displaying the page), parse datas and put it in user-friendly readable content.
      • It doesn't have any contact with online servers.
      • It doesn't change the game itself in any way.
      • The script is not heavy, the job is all done by your own computer after the page has been loaded.

    • What's next?

      • It is a work in progress, ideas are very welcomed. It can concern any page in the game, if you think something might be useful in the Tower of Fame or somewhere else...

    • Where to get it?

      • Wiki Page : HaremHeroes++ (more informations, functionnalities full list, etc)
      • The script : https://greasyfork.org/scripts/33210-harem-heroes (you need to create an account, because it's a script for an adult website)
      • Install help : https://greasyfork.org/help/installing-user-scripts
      • Changelog : https://greasyfork.org/scripts/33210-harem-heroes/versions

    Hope you'll like it!
    If you any question... trouble with installing, or ideas... o/
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails HaremHeroes++-fqn.png   HaremHeroes++-fqs.png   HaremHeroes++-fqu.png  
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    Would it be possible to add something that hides all items of any chosen rarity and/or stat type to make it easier to search through things?

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    Adding filters is a nice idea, would be a cool addition.

    Filtering by itself is quite easy, here are some screenshots with rarity filters: (adding others isn't more complicate)

    After clicking on "Filters" button, it shows available filters:

    I only have Common items here, so everything is hidden when I remove Common items.

    Filtering works.

    Where it becomes tedious is that when you sell items left after filtering (or equip or offer), kinkoid's scripts auto-select the next item, it doesn't care about the fact these items are filtered or not, and if you sell, say, all your common items spamming the sell button you may have a bad surprise... After hiding your rare/epic/legendary items, when you sell a complete stack it auto-selects the item that was the closest from it, whether it's filtered or not. It could be a rare item or worse...

    This is not acceptable to release it like that, and finding a way to make it work properly is more complicate than it seems specially since I have to handle things depending on how kinkoid scripts operate on that point. As I'm lacking time (soon moving house) I'll keep the idea in mind and will look into it when I've got the time.
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    Just updated the script to v0.03

    It adds a Navigation menu when you watch a scene, to switch between unlocked scenes


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    v0.04 released: adds a shortlist menu below the fight energy counter, to fight a specific troll


    Just discovered you need to create an account on Greasy Fork to install HH++...
    I know it can be boring, it's probably because it's a script for an adult website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    Just updated the script to v0.03

    It adds a Navigation menu when you watch a scene, to switch between unlocked scenes

    I love your add-ons!

    It would be great if we could navigate to the prev/next girl as well

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    I'm currently in a rush and have not the time to add new things, but it can be done.

    Though there is a limitation to it: all informations about unlocked scenes are grabbed in the harem, don't have these infos directly on the scenes.

    Right now I'm using the url trick, passing scenes infos from the Harem to the scenes, directly in the url, because it's short, only concerns a few numbers, the id of each scenes (5 max). Would be ugly to keep it that way with all girls in the url (it may also glitch with a lot of girls).

    So, these infos on all girls would be stored from the Harem in localstorage but if you use a private browsing mode, it will not work on some webbrowser (is fine for FF and Chrome).

    Will think more on it, and probably do it, later!
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    Fighting certain trolls thingy is cool. But what this script needs to have for at least me being interested in installing it is filtering harem to display only girls that have money to collect. Thou I do understand that that feature would be actually kinda against devs efforts to make game require shit-ton of busy-work to force people to drop kobans/real money to ease it up. But after being on this game discord and talking with few devs/mods there, I lost any hope for this game going good way, and thus I don't care if that option would be bad for the game <evil smile>.

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    Sorry it's not really good news today...

    2 Q/A during the last Q/A discord session catches my attention:

    - Will you improve game code to avoid needless requests and prevent server overloads?
    - Yes. Working on it. Its a constant work in progress.

    - Will there be a sorting button or like so the Girls can be organizes according to stats or money gain?
    - Currently we are working on improving the harem, yet we are still planning organizing the girls.

    The problem is... Currently that's true the game is needlessly heavy (dirty) in a lot of ways.

    For example when you go into your Harem, ALL girls datas are loaded even if you just stay on Bunny's page, collect your money and leave, everyone is needlessly here in the code. If you have a lot of girls it can be quite heavy, it's lost bandwidth when you dont leave Bunny (but comparing to other area of the game, it's not the worse), and it makes kinkoid's scripts slower since it works with an heavier page (more power consumption from your Computer/Smartphone/etc). But it also prevent any "waiting loads" when you look at another girl, she's already there, no contact with the server (apart from girls pictures), a little transition effect and she appears, I don't know if they will change that point or not.

    The good point for me, the way it is right now, is I can easily get data of ALL girls because they are all here. That's how I get some stats on your Harem, about unlocked scenes, about money incomes... As reminder, HH++ doesn't have any contact with servers, I can only work with what's in the page code.

    So now, the problem... as they are particularly working on changing the Harem, also on improving game code to diminish server overloads, and as I don't have any word with them, any feedback from them on HH++, I don't have any clue on what they'll change and it's highly probable that they'll remove useless data when going into the Harem or at least change things a lot.

    Knowing Kinkoid pace, it will probably take some month before being released but still, working on things knowing it will probably be obsolete in a few is... kind of lost time. If they do it, I won't be able to create that last thing I said I'll work on, the "change girl while watching a scene", therefore I won't work on it before they release their new Harem. But it could also kill the stats tab, it really depends on what they change and if I keep a way to get access to these data or not.

    So.... for the scenes it's a wait & see.

    Oh and for the filtering the Harem feature request.... yeh, you answered yourself, I feel you but it's not my call to add these kind of things, it would change too heavily the game as they think it, it's their own to choose if they want that change or not, since they do money with the way it currently is... :\
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    P. Server hh

    Is this a way to make private server harem heroes?

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