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    Your current equipment!

    Hello, all!

    I'm level 36 and this is a screenshot of my equipment:

    Which level are you already? And what's yours?

    Best regards,

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    LvL 83 so far ... but didnt bother to upgrade equip for some time.

    Your current equipment!-capture.png

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    I'm using the free legendary dragon set I received when I was level 48, with a level 68 legendary kesa bottom I got from pachinko.
    I'm level 76 now, but haven't found anything better (in all stats) to switch to so far.

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    79, still equipped with a couple of the legendary freebies that I got at 50 but I just recently got a couple epics from contests with almost double the main stat compared to those (seems to me like it's either that or another legendary when looking to replace them, not worth considering any rare or common piece)

    Your current equipment!-hh_9-27-17_gear.png
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