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    Exclamation Rules & faq

    Welcome Heroes !

    We wanted to make sure that everyone feels good here, so we decided to add few rules here.


    • Of course, we ask you to respect the law and not to promote any illegal activity.

    • No use of racist, violent, vulgar language or images. (Zero tolerance)

    • No attack messages, that can insult or abuse others.

    • No religious or political topics.

    • No spam, yet please, try to avoid Necroposting (if a thread is inactive for months, create a new one)

    • Do not spoil the surprise! In other words, pictures of girls, affections scenes, or just released quests are not allowed.

    • Before you create a new thread for your question, make sure that there isn't a good threat to post it, or that it wasn't answered. If not your threat can be closed.

    Please, remember that this forum is created only for fun. So, respect other members and be polite with them.

    If you face a situation that doesn’t respect these rules, please, report the post as fast as possible.


    -Where can I find informations relatives to the story, the girls and the market?

    +On Harem Heroes Wiki :

    -How many girls are available in the game?

    +New girls are added regularly. To have the most recent list of available girls, check this wiki page:

    -How to get new girls in the game?

    +Once you passed the first world (“Begin City”), you will gain one girl at the end of each world. You can also gain further girls:

    + By fighting each world’s boss (for example: Dark Lord). They can drop all the girls from their personal harem, and, sometimes, additional girls during events;

    + By playing Epic Pachinko (Pachinko exclusive girls as well as boss' girls);

    + By doing special missions during events (special mission girls).

    -What is the drop rate for girls while fighting world’s bosses ?

    +It is very low on purpose. The actual drop rate is known only to the game developers. Yet, we know it is function of:

    a/ the number of battles you did (the more battles you do without dropping a girl, the higher your chance to drop one);
    b/ the number of troll's girls you already dropped (the more troll's girls you have, the lower your chances to drop one, with a minimum "floor" to avoid too low values)(The event troll girls are not counted in this).

    +Of course, as it is entirely random, you can be lucky and drop one or more girls in just a few battles, or be unlucly and fight for weeks without dropping a single one.

    +In any case, HH is a game of patience. Keep fighting, and they will join your harem eventually.

    +For information, the maximum number of battle you can do per day is 72. Dedicated players usually do an average of 50 battles par day.

    +Also, a boss's event droppable girl has a drop rate higher than the boss's regular girls, although we don't know the specific details behind it.

    -I can’t progress in the story because I miss an item. What to do?

    +It is a quest item, that you have to collect by fighting the world's boss. It is sometimes necessary to battle him several times in order to receive it.

    -Can I drop more than 1 girl in Epic Pachinko x10:

    +No, you can't. Epic Pachinko x10 delivers 1 girl, no more, no less. You can put your mouse pointer on rewards to have a look on your potential gain.

    -Is it better to play Single Epic Pachinko ten times or Epic Pachinko x10?

    +It’s a matter of personal preferences. Epic Pachinko x10 guarantees you a girl, and only one. If you play ten times Single Epic Pachinko, you might be lucky and drop more than one girl, or be unlucky and drop none.

    -During an event, am I assured to drop an event girl if I play Epic Pachinko x10 ?

    +Usually, no. The Epic Pachinko x10 can drop any girl that didn’t join your harem yet (except for world’s girls), including the temporary event girls.

    +Yet, some rare events can guarantee such drop. Read carefully the description of each event to know about this. Basically, if nothing is mentioned in this regard, it means that the event girls are not prioritary in regards of the other girls.
    +That being said, the event girls usually have a 3 times more chance to drop from Epic Pachinko than the other girls.

    -Can I get event girls after the end of the event ?

    +No and yes. Once an event is finished, the event girls are not available anymore through boss battles or Epic Pachinko.

    +Yet, rare special events might make them available again. There have been only one such event so far, for the game anniversary, in July 2017. We don't know yet if it will happen again and when.

    -Can I change my speciality? (Shagger, Lover, Expert) (by Asherandai)

    +Not as of now, the devs have said in a previous Q&A that it might be possible later on. This does not guarantee that it will be added.

    -What is the rebalance and what's is purpose?

    +Find details about the purpose here:
    +and the patchnote here:

    -What is the current Max of Energy and Battle Points?

    +Energy: 100
    +Battle Stamina: 20

    - WTF!? My energy doesn't refill anymore when I level up?

    +It's intended. Since you can easily gain at least 1 level per day, a refill at every level up would bring you too quickly to the current end of the story.
    +Now, energy refills every level from level 1 to 10, then once every 10 levels (level 20, 30, 40,...)

    - Will we have 5 stars versions of the other girls?

    +Yes. But it involves a lot of work for the design team, who is already pretty busy. So, they will be released step by step.

    Thanks for the faq help to Tristelune!

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