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    Anyone know a way to quickly collect money now?

    With the new UI update the tab+enter way of collecting money doesn't work anymore. I was able to figure out I can switch my harem layout into a grid now so that kind of helps to find the girls I need to collect from. Any idea's other than a bot/spending kobans/buying monthly sub, would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Wondering that as well. It looks broken right now. You can click the blue line where it says "collect" (only shows in the list view, not the grid view) and you see the text shift as if it's a button that's being clicked, but nothing happens. It just doesn't acknowledge it. Seems like paying the kobans is the only way right now. I hope this isn't intentional. Sucks if it is.

    Edit: Wait, try deleting your browser's cache and reloading. I did that and now it will collect for free by clicking on a girl. Although it is no longer possible to collect from a girl without selecting to view her info, so that might kind of slow things down...

    Edit 2: I see people in the discord saying that they feel like grid view is faster to collect from since there are more girls on screen to click on without scrolling as much. Makes sense. Not sure about the extra load of having it try to bring up all those info screens as you click them though.
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    Tab+enter still works for me on Chrome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Tab+enter still works for me on Chrome.
    OP here. Oh snap it does! It didn't work for me yesterday but does now. Thanks bro.

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    Follow-up. Tab+enter works both in Grid and List view.

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    Battle to get money.

    A quick way to gather some cash is to battle opponents like The Dark Lord, or Gruntt. After defeating them if you do not get a girl you will get some money ranging from 1000$ and up, depending on the level of the opponent you have defeated. For instance, lv 16 Dark Lord gives you 2000$, but lv17 Dark Lord gives you 2100$.

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