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Thread: Log out timer

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    Log out timer

    Could you ease off on that? being kicked out in less than two minutes is ridiculous and makes it difficult to get a clean arena reset.
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    log out timer

    I agree, it's ridiculously short a period of time to be kicked off - what the heck is the reason for that extra bit of irritation for us? As if we need more annoying crap to make the game even less user-friendly.

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    I got this problem too. Any help ?

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    I get that they want to force more refreshes of game since it bumps out popularity ranking, but this 1,5 minute limit is horrendously short. I'd like to have it bumped at least to 5-10 minutes.

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    Same here. I could do without that logout timer altogether.
    Annoying the crap out of the users is not a way to keep them.

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    It's way to short and very annoying now. If they are doing it to game the popularity rating system of Nutaku, it'll just end up backfiring, when Nutaku starts adjusting for it and slaps them back down.

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    I see it as well, both Firefox (desktop) and Chrome (mobile). And the mobile refreshes means more data and I'm not on an unlimited plan.

    I did send a trouble ticket and got a "our algorithm is complex, just refresh" which to me (as a software developer) means they don't know how it works.


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    refresh, refresh, refresh

    I am on the verge of quitting the game just for the time out timer! step away for your computer TIME OUT, check something on another tab TIME OUT, have a little lag TIME OUT, heck change menu on the game & guess what TIME OUT. The game is becoming a clicker except you have to hit the refresh button all the time.

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    I just had a log out in as little as 11 seconds. Eleven!!

    Basically, I did some PvP, returned to the main screen, noticed the timer on my Harem gave only 11 seconds for the next reward, and when I clicked it.. "It seems you haven't been playing for a long time".

    Sorry to say, but did that marvelous developer (sarcasm intended) of that smart "algorithm" perhaps assume that the server computes timeouts in minutes rather than seconds or something?

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    Makes the game a total chore

    The log out timer has got to be less than 10 seconds of inactivity. Inactivity, by the way, means reading, looking, deciding or anything else that requires any thought. It makes leveling up girls very difficult, especially when you have a lot of them to cycle through, and makes comparing characters in order to build a team absolutely impossible. You used to be able to stay logged in for hours which made keeping up on missions a lot easier. Now you can't even read a girl's bio without having to restart the game every 7 seconds! What's the point of adding all these new features and character information if you don't even have time to look at it. It wouldn't be so bad if cycling through items and objects counted as "activity" but it doesn't which mean whole sections of the game are just activity dead zones. They really need to fix this beyond pronto.

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