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    Drop chances are unacceptably abysmal

    Just made an account to say this. Did the event for "legendary" revival, after OVER 300 TIMES and several hundred kobans without Norou dropping. That is completely garbage and smacks of nothing but a poorly made and even poorer optimized cash grab of a game. who cares what people actually get out of it as long as they line your wallets, right?

    strikingly similar to the unresponsive "customer service" who send an automated message and then never fix anything or actually respond.

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    Not a sucker Guest
    Comme d'habitude un event de merde avec un taux de drop de merde.
    J'ai tout de même eu droit à des tonnes de cadeaux mais avoir une fille...

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    Plus they ended it one day early

    It was announced to continue through 21st. In the announcement and on the event calendar.

    I had saved up kobans to burn on the last day if I didn't get the girl otherwise. Gone now.

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    Keiya_b Guest
    Alright. The drop rates are.. well lets say bad.

    Got 49 girls in my harem and playing everyday.
    Now it is already 3 weeks that i have not received any new girl from drop.
    I'w counted ~ 900 kobans spend on topping up my fighting last week alone! That makes well over 800 battles in a week!

    So- my last girl dropped was Botanist Murakawa from work fantasies 2018 event. Last standard girl dropped was Sylvia from Silvanus. Since then i have topped up 2 bosses and finished 2 levels (Fairy world and Hamelin Town).

    So- seriously. ~ 1500 battles, 3 weeks playing, using every way possible to bet new girls and NOTHING! I even tried to play epic pachinko couple of times.

    *Detective Spook was given as a reward- not a drop.

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    Angry Really wanted Justine - denied!

    With you on that one!

    Really wanted Justine, so focused all my battles on Dark Lord, hundreds of them - denied!

    It appears the more girls you have - the slower the drop rate - therefore that is NOT random as they claim, it is deceptive advertising by enticing and engaging new customers to keep playing in the beginning.

    Developers - care to explain?
    We're not going to get an answer, they couldn't care less. Lol!

    It's a shame really the games great and a bit of kinky fun. But they really need to look after their loyal customers too, otherwise we could get irritated, bored and then leave. Not really a great long term business strategy.

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    For me, it's like every third event I might get a girl to drop. I might get lucky and get 2 out of that 1 event, but all other events - nada, zero, zip no matter how hard I try.

    Also, Donatien and Breman are just stubborn at dropping the common girls. Sheesh!! It's fitting from a story perspective, but come on! This is brutal! Gruntt was similar - took me forever just to get 2 of the girls (2 story lines past) and now during the current event when trying for Morgan, Miss Spook dropped instead. I'm glad I got miss Spook (finally!), but I'd rather have the event girl drop!

    The Legendary event was a disappointment as the same villain could drop either the legendary girl or legendary affection gifts. Typically, other villains who do not have event girls drop the affection gifts instead - but not this event! No matter how hard I tried for the girls, all that dropped for me was the affection gifts. I can only wonder if the affection wasn't there as an option next to the girl, would the random number generator have dropped the girl for me instead?? I see SO many people my level (150) and lower with all 3 Legendary girls that it just rubs salt into the wounds.

    ….I just wonder what the heck is going on with the drop rates.

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    Unregistered Guest

    same for me

    same for me

    Hundreds of battles and lots of kobans spent and not a single drop during the last 3 events...

    I don't know for sure, but it seriously looks like the drop chance has been reduced a lot

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    Unregistered Guest

    same bad luck

    1 girl in the past two events I participated in, and they send a notice saying they made things easier. I skipped the school event since i had them from a previous event but only girl I fre3ed recently was the one that was available the same time as the one that looked part octopus.

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    Yeah, the notice about how they made things easier for the event girls to drop - I can't tell it. Gruntt is still extremely stubborn and will not let go of Morgane.

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    Took me to day 10 to get her. I'm now trying to get the one Donatien has.

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