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    Question Normal Pachinko Nerf?

    So on normal Pachinko the x10 spin will always guarantee a Legendary...

    Since the recent improvements ages back when we got the Gear got levels this Legendary would always be the Multi Element type. Whilst yes the base stats are going to be a bit lower than a purely dedicated or double stat Rare gear it makes up for it by making your defence stats getting a significant boost with all stats being buffed..

    I've just done 2 pachinko rolls and just noticed the Legendary items are now Dedicated (ie.1 stat only buff) which means not only has it completely devalued the Legendary it also means that at least 2 in 3 10x Spin will be useless gears.

    Was this rolled out last patch or is it because I've hit a certain level cap? I haven't seen any patch notes on this change

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    Multi stat items, especially legendary ones are useless trash and nobody who want to enter even mid-tier tournaments is using them. This is a welcome change for once, even with lower probability of 20-25% for wanted drop, it's much better than dropping 900 kobans for girl drop and hoping one of other items will be useful as well.

    One 10x normal spin is 4,5 millions for me, so basically not much. Even if I have to burn 20+ millions for single piece of equipment, it's affordable price. Even better if multi-stat trash stopped dropping.

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    In my opinion this is a buff and not a nerf single stat legendary itens are the most usefull in the game

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    I agree.

    RocKM, if you don't believe it, just look at the top players' gear. Every single one of them is using single-element items.

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    yep, only trash-tier players are using multi statistic equipment.

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    If it aint single stat it aint all that

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