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    As a know-how player I'm crying right now, literally. What a bad luck to release a new legendary know-how girl right now.
    And that so called promo being available only today. My god.
    900 kobans left to spend after last event, here we go, lul.

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    It's strange really I didn't think the drop chance/system could get any worse but here we are, now instead of getting the girl once you have to get her dozens of times all while remembering how the game you loved so much used to be good.

    Well all good things come to end when popularity and money corrupted the dev's souls. Rest in peace Harem Heroes.

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    I feel the same way... I don't think it is possible to get new legendary girls without spending kobans now. For all other legendary girls, I was able to get them on the last day or within last day, just by playing all the time and spending all combat point that regenerated.

    Now, after 1 day of event, I am at 15/100 attraction. With this rate, I will be done in 6 days... 2 days after event ends.

    p.s. RNG be RNG, your mileage may vary, and you could be having a better luck.

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    unknown68 Guest
    Dropped the game quite some time ago (around the time of the first Valentine's event I think), but I often come back here to see what's going on. Not once have I regretted my decision to leave. Every time I look there's some new and exciting bullshit that the devs are trying to pass off as an improvement. If I could offer you any advice, it's to quit while you're ahead. IMO there are better things to do with your time and money.

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    Its around day 2 and now I'm at 41 though tbh if they wanted to imporve the drop system they would tie it into making teams that match more poses that the judge calls out as then everyone would have a reason to swap out girls when recuiting into their harlem it would also make for better matches then people just stacking ego and str.

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    I kept track of what I used (kobans and energy) to finish this "event" in time with this extremely crappy new system. It took 453 energy and 448 koban. using this, the average would be 4.53 times to get 1 shard. it takes 30 minutes to get one energy, so that is 13,590 minutes or 226.5 hours or 9.44 days to get that much energy without spending money and that is only if you never waste a single energy by letting it fill up too much. This is also impossible to get within the 3 day time limit of this event.

    As for the koban, you can get 460 for 21$. Essentially this means that Fabienne is a drop that costs 20$.

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    I am know-how build player and missed Norou so realy wanted Fabienne. I tested affection droprate and user about 400 kobans to rise attraction to 75 with -35%. Today I have 88 attraction and was certain that I will get her and BAM! I got 100 attraction drop on her. Extra attraction transformed into 88 flower presents (130 affection one).
    On one hand I got legendary girl. On other - my 400 kobans (((

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    Thumbs up It's A Money Grab

    From Kinkoid's website in a post called Attraction Presentation... read it on their website:

    "Hentai Heroes is all about seducing amazingly hot fantasy girls and inviting them in your harem. It’s about that special feeling you get with each new gorgeous girl joining, that moment of pure joy and pride that she is joining your harem. That moment of sweet anticipation to start exploring her. All of these positive emotions sometimes get obliterated by the frustration of fighting too long with a boss or playing Pachinko without winning a girl. So during the past months we have been trying to figure out how to turn this issue into a feature and your doubts about the drop rate into excitement.
    At the release of the game this system was fitting and was working very well, but as we keep increasing the number of girls in the Haremverse and also improving the game with new features, we are not satisfied with it anymore. Coming from that point, and listening to your feedback, we decided that we need changes.
    We created Hentai Heroes to offer you, the players, a fun and positive game. And we are not going to risk the overall experience being negative because of a mathematical problem. We explored multiple options like putting a hard limit on the maximum number of fights you need to do before seducing a girl. Yet none of them were satisfactory and would be potential design limitations as the game continues its evolution in the future or would not be so easy to grasp at first glance. We wanted to create a system that would be a base to build upon; a system that is clear and will allow you to follow your progress by giving you an achievable goal.These are the 2 main reasons that motivated our decision to go with the Attraction. The principle is quite simple: each of the girls who are not in your harem yet, will have to be seduced by increasing her attraction to you."

    You can read more of their blah blah on their website. Suffice it to say that not many players feel any of the warm & fuzzy shit they're selling above. This is nothing more than their greed... they are eliminating the "F2P" people and moving the game into a pay to get anything situation. Imagine you miss Fabienne, for example, and have only accumulated maybe 30 Attraction points. Then wait another 6 months minimum before she is offered again... another 30 points... another 6 months wait... another 30 points. I'm sure you get the picture and your feelings are nothing like the horseshit described above.

    Combine that with the piss poor story telling that started in Heroes University & continues in Ninja Sacred Lands... they are doubled the story elements from all other worlds. You get almost no progression for high points spent... then waiting for "Coming soon" shit. I really don't enjoy the story element anymore.

    This has prompted me to bail... after 2.5 years of great game, then ok game but I'm addicted, to love/hate relationship. I simply cannot afford this anymore... but mainly I do NOT want to support these fucking greedy devs and the sort of shit they put on us like the extract above. To all F2P players... make a stand and bail now as it is only going to get worse.

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    The best part is where they said "listening to your feedback" ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT.

    Players wanted a safety net to avoid wasting kobans and they fucked up the drop rate, so that you need years to get a girl, instead of a maximum and reasonable number of battles.

    OK, the previous system was totally crap, but this one is the same in its own way.

    As always, stopping wasting money in games like this is the best choice ever.

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    I think its to soon to have an complete opinion of the new system. We still have the chance to get the girls with one win. Today i got lucky and got the legendary girl. I got 100 affection at once. Before that i had 39 shards.

    The chance to get the girl in one is still the same as Before. We have now a second Chance with the affection shards.

    I will wait till the next Event to have a final opinion. But know i think It's Not to Bad.

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