What kind of a dipshit designed the ladder system? Wait for it highest level wins. You mean there no other skill. All they have to do is insert level 400 and they win. That's right.

It isn't a ladder. It's a reward for being a cunt.

There's me in sexpert level 2. I have had all of 2 levels below my level in sexpert. So I spent 100s of korbans on buffs and being number 1. X2 orange ginseng roots, x1 orange cordyceps, x1 cholrea. So I was number 1 all week as I have been all the way too sexpert level 2. Only come fucking wednesday. After fighting every other cunt, nobody else left at all. I have now dropped from being position 1 too 5 all because level 350 has a free fucking ride. They won for no other reason other than everybody else was a smaller level.

Thanks cunts you have to be braindead to think that was a ladder system. High level wins. Why? They're a cunt, no seriously it's because they are level 400. No other reason. The arena was smarter it grouped at yourt level quest level. Not this other shit, insert level 400, they are rewarded. The rest of you are slaves. Come back at level 400. Cunts