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Thread: The new patch?

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    The new patch?

    Can we get better items?

    Another rigged game for high levels. Gameplay had nothing to do with it. I am so annoyed in the angry thread. Submitted. High level wins, no why? They're the high level that's why. So they just win for free. Yes they're the high level. And you'll never beat them because they are so much way way higher than you. So why in the weekly league are there only high levels. I was the least level in the weekly league. I might still rank it because I'm badass. Tediously. Come on.

    That said I need better items, at level 154. Not 200. All whites girls all the way too Kalissa are fully ranked exp and affection. All my Rare girls 10-13 including Justine 5 stars are fully ranked exp and affection. 3 legendary out of 6 are ranked fully. My Epic girls x8 are all two stars. My gameplay from middle of July.

    Buffs as well. We need better items.

    Which bight spark in the new patch notes put 12 stances when last time I counted there are 10? They were never invisible if you looked, at that wheel. But hey. Putting them above yawn. Opening all 10 in the final boss fight, why if you can only select holding 5 stances? As in when you try to get your matching deck with the stance you can only hold upto 5 girls? Not 10.
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