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    Going back in Leagues

    Hey, I wanted to know how I could go back to the the different categories in the League part of the Tower of Fame. I just wanted to try get a higher rank than I did when I moved up a category.

    All help is appreciated! Thank you!

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    if you are placed 80 and below in tower of fame, you will be depromoted to the league below.
    lets say you are in sexpert 3 and want to drop to wanker 1 you will need to fall 5 times, so you need to do nothing for 5 weeks in league battles

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    I have been ending up in places below 80 for 6 weeks an I haven't been depromoted, do you think there are special rules depending on the league or if you have already been depromoted once?

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    You have to be in last 15 spots. Not below 80.

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