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    Legendary Contest

    Why are these players retarded? Okay I understand getting the event girl chucking korbans at it. I don't understand anybody except a robot. Spending mass korbans on getting 6 mythic shards. The top prize with the other 3 orbs might on a 1 in 5 chance get a girl.

    Have they loss their brains? 25 attraction for a rare, gold, and 3 star epic girl. In this event. Plus a few books and some roots. Joke is on the chump. I pity these fools. Except they don't even act like players. Players would have brains.

    Laughable and clearly the worst event. Despite the first competition being great. Thanks. The rest have the dumbest robots on the planet. These players are throwing mass korbans at, forget it. Did they not win the first competition? Perhaps that migh explain the insanity? Insanity on the other players actually competing as per gameplay. Wothout freaking out over bullshit. Although I doubt it.

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    They're clearly saving them for better spins. No they're not. Just irony. Mindless stupidity. The spins are a gold and epic girl at 25 attraction a few boosters and some books. The legendary event girl are grouped different right? They've invested 31 korbans to get 200 points, or they wasted what 40 odd korbans to get an energy fill of 100 points. They've come from zero in the competiton to buy scores of over 1000. All because they didn't play like everybody else playing normally. The top score is almost 2000. Okay they spent 10-20 cash in hard currency buying an energy offer. To win 6 mythic shard, or 6 mythic and 3 orbs. Everybody else is smarter except the robot monkey. Everybody else won the event girl already and played better.

    Not in this game there is clearly robot monkeys. Robot monkeys

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