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    Mar 2021

    [Aloha House] is accepting new members

    I am AhauKin, the founder of this club, Aloha House.

    We are a team of active players looking for more new friends.
    We have friends back in Paddy's Pub I would specifically reach
    out to if you read this, but all active players are welcome!

    We have no level requirement. New players are as valuable as
    veterans in building a successful club. In fact, if the new player
    joins a fun, supportive team they will enjoy the game more and
    be more likely to stick around.

    We are English speaking.

    I am AhauKin, inviting you to join our club, Aloha House.

    Club ID 4559
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    Mar 2021
    New Players:

    Joining a club, any club, gives you a boost in XP and money
    gains, as well as boosts to your combat stats.
    It is not necessary to join a club, but the benefits are solid,
    and the sense of community is beneficial.

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