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    Cool Yo Howdy Aloha Ni-Hao

    Yo folks, a bit late for intro, but this is pervy here

    I play every single game offered by Nutaku at least once, and am still playing around 8-10 of them right now. Yeah, I'm a friggin NEET who totally need to get a life other than fappin' to 2D

    Anyway please take care of me (bows).

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    Welcome =)

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    Hello. Looks like you're a funny guy sometimes its boring here :P
    Aigis Nutaku&DMM Showcase
    (Updated: 01.07.2017)

    Aigis rerolling Guide (New)
    Kamihime rerolling Guide

    (New) Girls on Tanks Discord!

    Dmm Aigis - Nutaku Aigis - Armor Blitz - Kamihime - Girls on Tanks - Crystal Maidens

    Done with:
    FKG - IWZ - BGR - Dmm Rebellion

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