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    Finally decided to join this forum so hello

    Hi guys (and girls) i'm Wrandral and my recent constant use of the FKG threads is what brought me here.

    Regarding Nutaku's games i have tried most (if not all) of them but the only 2 i'm currently playing at are Millenium War Aigis ( with which i discovered Nutaku) and Flower Knight Girls ( which is currently the one i spend most of my Nutaku time on ).
    My ingame name is the same as here though i'm not sure where i can find my id ^^.

    I wish everyone a good day and may the RNG God's blessings be you all (He knows they're not with me most of the time _(T-T)_ )

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    Welcome then! Im fairly new to the forums also but i'm a long time lurker. You can find your FKG id in the search tab of Allies in the game and also if you have questions, you can ask the people on the main page chat of the forums.

    Oh and here is my FKG Id if you want to add me. 736832430
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    Thank you i sent you a request

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    Done accepting ^^

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