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    Well, hello girls and boys.

    Hello to all Nutakus.

    Im new here and just found out you already have a Forum. So i thought, i should be here cuz i already play some of the Nutakus over 2-3 years (i forgot the exactly time). Anyway, im male as you can suggest and dnt ask me how old i am, cuz i feel already to old. Im not always present on Nutaku cuz due to my Job, friends and Family etc, but i try to play everyday a little bit for Millennium War Aigis (sometimes Angelic Saga as well). Mostly i dnt care if the games has a H-Scene or nudity, cuz the important thing is to have fun Also i like to share my experience about games or how i play on nutaku (or other games like PS games or anything), even im not the best at all.^^ At last but not least, sry if my english sucks, but i try my best that you can understand me

    Best regards, Xastor

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    Hey Xastor, nice to meet you. I started my experience on Nutaku trought Millennium War Aigis, too.. Its a great game involving a lot of thinking and grinding. I also like FlowerKnight Girl <3
    although most of the users are man, I am not and yea, I enjoy H games

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