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    Tampax Guest

    Lightning team or..

    Hello everybody,

    Could you give me some advice about my deck because i wonder if i must to keep my actually lightning team or if i try to change with another and could you tell me if a dual element is viable (mix dark+fire for exemple) in high lvl.

    My SSR :

    Lightning : Tyr, brahma, Jupiter, marduk
    Fire : mars
    Dark : osiris
    Water : nike (unleashed)
    Wind : cu’chulainn
    Eidolons : echidna, barong


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    you should atleast invest into your fireteam, to counter wind, which is your weakness. If you mean with dual element that you use both, fire and dark in the same team, thats a bad idea. 1 off hime might be worth it to offset weaknesses or cover important debuffs, but having more than that will limit yourself because of how the weapon grids increase damage only of the same element units.

    This is unrelated but i believe you should ask those questions in one of the threads already made, likely that this one might get locked.

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    Tampax Guest
    Sorry for the new post i am new

    So, i must to focus another fire kami. Do you have some exemple of good kami except amaterasu ?

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    Not going to recommend you to grab something with miracle tickets, but Svarog is one of the pillars of fire, Uriel is very good, Brynhild (sr) and agni (sr) are also very good early on.
    For more details you have to wait till someone with fire main comes into here to answer questions.

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    Tampax Guest
    Ok thx for your explanation

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    i suggest OP use miracle ticket immediately to grab Amaterasu. she works well with fire and thunder team. giving you tremendous flexibility going forward.

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    Not even gonna bother, check the damn forum.

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