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    A clean install fixed everything on the Nutaku player for me as well so thanks a lot dude

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    Hi guys, i'm having this issue
    For some reason, i have already download all the new character data with 1_download_assets. Then the 2 and 3 is no problem, the file still work. But when come to 4_download_character_img, the file seems don't work anymore. [New Player] Love scenes collection-dont-.jpg
    And the 5 also broken too. I opened the player and did not see any new characters were added. Pls help me!!!!!
    Edit: Yeah well, seems like the 3_write_config is broken too.[New Player] Love scenes collection-step-3.jpg
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    please will skin LOVE SCENES later?

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    So i have to unlock character to download new scenes, right?

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    It seems that I have some problem with 2_build_rpy that detect 'akunin_otoko_A'. I suspect that it was probably from the .py file itself. Idk. I would like you guys to share the '' with me to see if it is working for me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [New Player] Love scenes collection-game.png  

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    Has the update process changed from the original
    also I need more thorough explaining on how it work
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    I'm meeting with a new problem, the transitions in harem will loop instead of only playing once as it should be (also whiteout and pink screen didn't appear either), this problem occurred after I updated the player.
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