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    No idea how to solve that problem too.

    but i download new player again with separate player DMM and Nutaku folder (do not use that BOTH dmm + nutaku)
    and both work fine

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    After test, separate player Dmm and Nutaku are work well!Although it still crashed at first played love scene moment,the memory crash problem is solved clearly. Thanks again for your help!
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    Umm, n00b question but it's been a while since I touched either the game or the player's download files. I've already DLed some of the updated json files based on this post but I forgot a crucial thing: after I open the Chromium dev tools, how do I find the x-kh-session for the Nutaku version? Or did I miss something crucial?
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    [New Player] Love scenes collection-untitled.jpg Nutaku Downloader is broken, this is the error I'm getting. How do i fix this?

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