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    Can someone who has the dmm version updated send me their config file? i just can't get my 3_write_config to work no matter what i do, it always returns the same error as in post #501. I have all the .json downloaded and the rpy built but i just can't run the config script

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    Post #503 says that they solved their issue with 3_write_config by changing the system locale to Japanese. I've included a screenshot how to do it for Windows 10 using the Control Panel, I'm unfamiliar with other operating systems however. You could also try Locale Emulator, although I haven't used it myself in a few years. If the system locale adjustment doesn't work, then the only other solution I've gotten to work is to share my config.ini file. To extract the config.ini file from the JPG file, open an archive extraction program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip, double-click the image from within the extractor's interface, and copy/extract the INI file.

    As an aside, the Mordred skin's name is spelled "モルドレッド [上人の華衣]" on the Japanese wiki, but "モルドレッド[人上の華衣]" on the official website and X/Twitter. I used the latter spelling for my raw_scenario folder so people will either have to download the portrait and full character images manually or change the name to match the wiki before using 4_download_characters_img and 5_download_characters_portrait.

    Edit 1: I'll add some general troubleshooting tips here that I tend to implement once and forget about or assume everyone on here knows and don't think to mention:

    -Don't download the combined player. I don't think anyone has tested the updated scripts with it, I definitely haven't. Use the separate Nutaku and DMM players.

    -Keep the file address of the player's script files below 260 characters. Extract the player close to your hard drive "C:" (yours might be a different letter), and keep the file and folder names between your hard drive and "0_download_json.cmd" short.

    -Ask for the latest script updates (0_download_json gets updated the most frequently for both players) or search the post history, look for the word "attached".

    -Change your system locale to Japanese before using the scripts. Might only be necessary for the DMM player but I'm not sure as I haven't changed the locale from Japanese in years.

    -The JSON files for the new Main Quests and skins have to be downloaded manually. The steps from 1_download_assets onwards are the same.

    -A couple of characters have identical names (currently Diabolos in both players and Jeanne d'Arc in the DMM player) in their info_eidolon, info_kamihime, info_soul, and raw_scenario JSON files. Renaming one of the identical characters as described in post #622, post #626, and post #630 will make the player display both characters at the same time (defer to the newer posts when encountering contradictions).

    -Sometimes files are corrupt, empty, or absent. Deleting the files and folders downloaded after the last script usage, usually the JSON files in info_eidolon, info_kamihime, info_soul, or raw_scenario, and then running the newest scripts again might fix the problem.

    -The file "black.jpg" is sometimes missing in an assets folder. Copy it from another assets folder and paste it into the one(s) that lack it and the error log file says should have it.

    -If the player still doesn't work at this point, wait for script updates, ask for advice, or do a clean install of the player. A clean install means that you delete the entire player (or back it up by putting it in an archive), download the files from the first post on the this thread, and repeat the listed steps.

    Edit 2: The English wiki changed the portrait files to the WebP format. I've included an updated 5_download_portrait for the Nutaku player. Some of the file and folder names have different spacing or spelling from the wiki like [Guardian of Happiness] Kishar, [Cat in a 1000 Forms] Daphne, and [Dragon's Last Card] Jabberwock. Edit the names within the JSON files in info_kamihime and the folders within raw_scenario\kamihime_SSR to match the English wiki, a similar method to solving the identical Diabolos's issue.

    Edit 3: Updated to include the JSON files for Jeanne d'Arc [Holy Congregation].
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    Thank you for the Nutaku fix. I hadn't updated the Player till today so I didn't notice those errors.

    I've updated my #589 that fix the dowload, include all those exception names above.

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    Thanks to your post I've been able to get mostly everything working in the dmm player. The only problem is that if i do try to run my config.ini, now i just get the problem where i have a few missing script files for different characters, usually looking like this. Otherwise, I've gotten all the skins to work and most of the new characters running [New Player] Love scenes collection-capture.png

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    I've uploaded my raw_scenario JSON Files onto pixeldrain. I have the JSONs up to PB02LT_Invi for the Nutaku version and Jeanne d'Arc [Holy Congregation] for the DMM version. As far as I can tell, the remaining issues I have with the Nutaku version are that (Guardian of Guidance) Aratron's scenes are in Japanese and I couldn't download the assets to some of the 6th anniversary scene updates (the original Lancelot soul scenes have the older art for example). For the DMM version, some of the full portraits are missing from the Japanese wiki but everything else seems fine.
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