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    I tried to run 1 again, it was quick and the error log is the same. I can't help but think there is something wrong with my .py files after all. What you call a clean install is when you refresh all .py file? I would like to show you mines but I don't know how to attah files here, could you please share yours with me? Just asking but I closed nutaku after 0 was done, could this be the issue? (I don't need a vpn to access kamihime through nutaku so I doubt it is a matter of region lock, also my 1 is actually downloading a lot of files and it last for hours).

    Edit : Just checked the error log, 99% or the missing assets are actually png files (and some mp3 for 2 characters). Do you thinkk it might be related to my player after all?
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    You only need the game's webpage open to obtain the x-kh-session value needed for 0_download_json. After you've inputted a valid x-kh-session, you don't need keep open the game webpage for the 0_download_json to work, and definitely not for 1_download_assets and the later scripts. My Nutaku scripts are nearly identical to the ones in post #589. Most (maybe all?) of the PNG files are sprites and backgrounds in the main assets folder, under the folders with the harem scene JPGs. If you have the updated scripts and have used them repeatedly after doing the troubleshooting I've mentioned in previous posts, such as post #632, then you can get the missing MP3 and PNG files from the other files archive. If the files you're missing aren't there, then I don't have them and don't know how to modify the scripts to get them. For adding attachments, select 'Go Advanced', and select the paperclip icon to open the 'Manage Attachments' menu. From there you can browse your computer to select the file(s) you want to upload.
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    I finished 0-5, and despite the huge log error, it seems to work fine (I tried about 7-8 scenes though).

    I took a quick look at the log again and spotted some "murabitootoko" so I guess there are mainly sprite, I assume the story scenes will crash most of the cases. I'll put the log file in attached files in case it can be of any help (never had the idea to check what "advanced" was about, ty for the help!), I'm thinking maybe nutaku updated something but I can't be sure.

    Another question : is the player now 100% complete? I couldn't find the chara from the last nutaku update but maybe I missed them. I noticed you asked in some posts to manually add some chara but I lost track of which ones need to be manually updated (and why can't they be traced by 1?).

    Edit : It seems I really can't upload after all, the mini window tell me "invalid file" even thouh I converted the .txt into rar
    Edit 2 : I forgot to tell you I checked your troubleshooting and still no idea if I did anything wrong (my OS is in japanese local since years)
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    My 1_error.log file for the clean install of the Nutaku player is 841 KB, similar in size to yours. Either 1_download_assets needs to be updated to download the NPC sprite files (I don't have the skill to do this) or the files are corrupted/bugged and unobtainable. Post #579 has the Main Quest 17 and skin scene JSON files, which go into 'Kamihime_Player-1.0-pc\game\nutaku\raw_scenario'. Pasting these files into this location manually performs 0_download_json, which is done this way because there are no active users that are willing and able to update 0_download_json to allow it to download Main Quest and skin JSONs. Post #612 Provides methods to download these JSONs manually, although you need to know the file name so the script knows what to look for. If you have any missing portaits, download them manually from the English wiki or from the portraits and thumbnails archive. You may need to rename the portrait file to match the name displayed in the player if the image doesn't appear after reloading the player or returning to the Main Menu. I've attached screenshots of the new SSR kamihime in the Nutaku player.

    Edit 1: The attached images in post #579 are archive files in disguise (I don't know how this trick works, ask LegendarySpy00F if you're curious). The contents of the archives can be viewed and extracted by selecting the images in WinRAR or 7-Zip.

    Edit 2: 5_download_portrait has the English wiki small portrait URLs: kamihime, eidolons, and souls. The Main Quest small portraits/thumbnails you'll have to download them directly from the game or the portraits archive.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [New Player] Love scenes collection-screenshot-2023-11-25-020211.jpg   [New Player] Love scenes collection-screenshot-2023-11-25-020259.jpg   [New Player] Love scenes collection-screenshot-2023-11-25-115435.jpg   [New Player] Love scenes collection-screenshot-2023-11-25-115501.jpg  
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    I did a quick check on the wiki just in case and it seems the player got everything (I was worried because a lot of people were requesting manual files for some chara). So only a part of the main quest is still missing? I checked the post 579 for the main quest but the files on the post were deleted, would you happen to have them? I assume this is (Girl's Illusion) Amon scene?

    Edit : yeah, the error log is the same, was it always like that with you or did you get those errors only recently?
    Edit 2 : Where do you take the portrait (not the full one but the one for the head) on the wiki? The resolution is way smaller that what already exist on the player

    Edit 3 : pretty nice I'm a bit surprised everybody aside me understood the trick lol. I managed to get the scenes but I am a bit curious : why those 2 characters (loli amon and the other) don't exist in the wiki? I take it those are somehow specials but how many are there?

    Edit 4 : yeah I knew the files got the url (at the very less the full portrait does). I know those are taken on the wiki but I don't understand why the ones I get on the wiki are only 100 x 100 while the ones downloaded by the tool are 170 x 170.
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    I haven't updated my main Nutaku player since before the 6.5th anniversary update in October 2023. I haven't paid attention to details like the error log files until you had asked about it. I did a clean install to help answer the questions, separate from my main Nutaku player and deleted once I resolved the issues as best as I can. For your questions in Edit 3 and Edit 4: I've first encountered the archive disguised as an image trick in a
    so I wasn't confused by it for long. I haven't interacted with anyone that works on the English wiki, but they might prefer to focus on gameplay information and skins in Kamihime Project only provide an alternate character appearance and an extra harem scene. The Japanese wiki has a page dedicated to the skins however. The image size difference could be a resize or it's accessing some hidden URLs with larger image sizes. Yosurako is the last person to edit the Nutaku player's 5_download_portrait so they might know.

    Edit: Updated to include the JSON files for the DMM soul skin D'Artagnan [Dressed Bear Cub]. The previous DMM soul skin is on post #661.
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    I probably explained myself poorly, I meant that there are some scenes that not only aren't downloaded by the player but the said character don't exist in the wiki as well (like loli amon). Is that a coincidence and are there a lot of them?

    I have another question. I searched on the net but couldn't find any clear answer, is there a free vpn allowing to bypass the dmm region lock? (I managed to find a solution through firefox but it won't help to download the assets)

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    I don't check the English wiki much, mainly the abilities section for quickly checking buff/debuff frames, so I can't say for sure if there are any other scenes that meet your conditions besides the skin scenes and the newer Main Quest scenes. The players with the latest updates should have every eidolon, kamihime, and soul scene. If there are any of those missing from the player, I'm unaware of which and would prefer a specific complaint before trying to fix it. For free VPNs that have connections to Japan, I use Urban VPN for the Firefox browser and Proton VPN for the entire computer. The browser-only VPN would help with playing region locked DMM games, but not with downloading game assets with scripts, like you've said.

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    error: Out of memory
    Does anyone know how to solve it?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by zlzlbksw View Post
    error: Out of memory
    Does anyone know how to solve it?

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