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    Quote Originally Posted by Berwayer View Post
    I don't check the English wiki much, mainly the abilities section for quickly checking buff/debuff frames, so I can't say for sure if there are any other scenes that meet your conditions besides the skin scenes and the newer Main Quest scenes. The players with the latest updates should have every eidolon, kamihime, and soul scene. If there are any of those missing from the player, I'm unaware of which and would prefer a specific complaint before trying to fix it. For free VPNs that have connections to Japan, I use Urban VPN for the Firefox browser and Proton VPN for the entire computer. The browser-only VPN would help with playing region locked DMM games, but not with downloading game assets with scripts, like you've said.
    I am not sure to undertstand what do you call "Skin scenes", but 2 specific examples would be the 2 from post 579 we were talking about a few days ago: (Evil Love Jailer) Kushinada and (Girl's Illusion) Amon. Those 2 scenes can't be tracked by the player and you have no choice but to add them manually (both are sr Kamihime). I only noticed those 2 but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more.

    I also usually use proton but it doesn't work to bypass dmm's region lock. I assume you don't need a vpn to access dmm? If so, is your proton a paid version? (Mine is free)

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    The only skins currently available in the Nutaku version of the game are the two you've mentioned. The DMM version has soul skins that were introduced in May 2023, their JSONs are obtained the same way as the kamihime skins. I don't need a VPN to play the DMM version of Kamihime Project (my default IP address is US based), but Angelic Link R and Iris Mysteria! R are region locked for me. The free version of Proton VPN allows me to get past the title screen for both games. If you want to play Kamihime Project (either Nutaku or DMM version) on Firefox, you'll need to change the user-agent to Chrome. I use the User-Agent Switcher and Manager addon for this purpose. For accessing DMM/Fanza Games, there are parts I need a VPN to access, such as the Community page. I don't explore the website much, but for the games I play daily, completing daily missions, and completing festival missions, I don't use a VPN. I had connection issues, including for Kamihime Project, that seemed to be solved by using a browser VPN when DMM did server maintenance about a month ago.
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    Playing Kamihime full time is not possible for me anymore (too much time consuming, my last gacha game was Brave Girl Raven on dmm, and my last since the time it was stopped).

    I would like to find a way to get the code to run 0 for the dmm player, so I can't focus on firefox or chrome only. I noticed that a very few countries are region locked, the issue isn't popular and this no solution exists on the net so far, so I just wanted to try my chance here.

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    @Berwayer I think we should fork a new repo to include the latest updates of the script, I tried to follow the thread and update the script but lost in thoughts all alone:

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    Quote Originally Posted by zlzlbksw View Post
    error: Out of memory
    Does anyone know how to solve it?
    From what I've observed, the program preload all images into memory, thus you need at least 600MB RAM to run the Nutaku only version, the only way to fix this issue is to either:

    - Improve the loading algorithm by making it more lazy
    - Separate Nutaku and DMM version to make them load less asset

    I think I can improve the 1st one, because it takes quite a long time to load the program in my computer, so I'll try to implement lazy load.

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    I don't know how to program nor have I used Github for anything but downloading programs. I primarily use other people's scripts or slightly modify programs at most. I'll try to assist you in applying the updates spread throughout the forum to your Nutaku and DMM players, then you could upload the results onto Github. Post #589 and Post #570 have the latest scripts for the Nutaku and DMM players. About two months ago, I uploaded the Nutaku assets JPG files, Nutaku Portraits and Thumbnails, Nutaku Other Files, DMM assets JPG files, DMM Portraits and Thumbnails, and the DMM Other Files. For the DMM version, the soul skin scenes for Siegfried [Serious Youth] and D'Artagnan [Dressed Bear Cub] aren't included and have to be downloaded manually and placed in 'Kamihime_Player-1.0-pc\game\dmm\raw_scenario\soul'.
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    Thanks! I tried to run download_assets and got this Error (403) AccessDenied:

    I have no idea why this happened but it also shows the same error when I open it in web browser too, is this expected ?

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    The 1_download_assets errors in your screenshot are likely NPC sprites. I've noticed this issue in post #661 and post #674. Basically, I don't know how to fix it and I ignore those types of errors since they only affect the encounter episodes (the scenes that introduce a character as a new member of the protagonist's group) and harem introductions, not the harem scenes.
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    Thanks, I've managed to download everything from Nutaku, but I wonder how behind the current progress of story of Nutaku compare to DMM version ?

    I would like to collect everything from Nutaku because they have uncensored content, but if it's too behind I guess I'll just collect DMM too to know what's new.

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    The Nutaku version of the game is about one year behind DMM according to the Japanese wiki's Event List. I haven't played the Nutaku version since April 2020, so I don't know if any features were implemented early, late, or not at all relative to the one year gap. Nutaku censored all of the harem scenes around October 2nd, 2023, post #638 mentions it when it happened. The pre-October 2023 uncensored JPG files are in the 'Nutaku assets JPG files' archive I've linked to in post #686.
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