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    Thank you Nutaku/dmm games, how was your start to the year?

    Well it looks like the free gacha campaign is over and personally I'm glad I came back to this game after some months away and TBH I'm not used to any form of gacha games being this generous to it's playerbase over christmas to the start of the new year giving out free shit.

    There are one or two games out there (which I won't name) that have been as generous as Nutaku/dmm games and others flat out that don't give a shit about it's playerbase and have quite frankly been greedy.

    But honestly I'm grateful for this game existing, to the advice and honesty from the playerbase on the forums from the knowledge and advice shared and really I'm having fun.

    I've never played a game like this before where it gives you constant content to the point it takes a day to get everything I need to get done with the limited +9 tries accessory quests, to comfortably doing catastrophe raids solo and leveling up my himes. Feels like I've got so much to do but at the sametime barely scratched the surface.

    That aside, from the free campaign daily 10 pulls to (if you have spent anything on anything extra) What did you get in the end? Any epic pulls? Are you satisfied and if you are or not does it make you look forward to this happening again next year?

    For me my water team is now 90% complete and in the new year my most sort out hime is Cthulu or water Diana.
    I now have a full fire team 3 of which are awakened but not max level (yet) and my last pull of the free gacha campaign was Amatersu, finally a healer!

    Lastly my epic pulls came from premium tickets: Christmas sol for wind, Ares (fire) and then Nidhoggr and Dian Ceht.

    I hope everyones luck was more fire then mine, that you had a great christmas and even better start to the new year \o/

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    hmm... so far on DMM we've had about 5 of the free x10 daily draws, 2 on new years and like 3 during the year or something.
    this is the first time we've actually had it on nutaku because, yknow, original content and all... but it was surprising that they actually gave us a few days of free draws, even if DMM's one still goes on until the like... 15th lol.

    didn't really find much on Nutaku, not enough to brag about anyway... same for DMM, but there's still a week left.
    Nutaku aren't as kind as you give them credit for, tho... didn't we get like 300 or 500 jewels for Christmas while DMM gave us 3K?

    nice finding Dian and Nidhogg together tho, congrats UwU that happened to me with Dian and Kirin, like 5 seconds apart lol
    ... and I've been playing since Feb 2017 and still not got a single SSR L/E hime. (meanwhile I found Haru from a single draw on DMM, and WDiana x2 aaand probably someone else that I don't remember or care about.)

    I'm always looking forward to free draws, whether they last for a day, a week or two weeks... still ez materials if nothing else.

    Happy New Year!
    uwu sold my account

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    I had luck with the free pulls and prem Tickets got Ymir,Fire-Light Frey,Chernobog,2xJabberwok,2xAqua Kaiser,Sleipnir,Ashera,Vohu Manah,Sol,Atum.

    So i have now 5 elements full of ssr: fire,wind,water,light and dark so iam happy with the free stuff

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    Dmm's still goes onto the 15th of free draws? I just checked the log in page and checked every gacha and theres no free draws there apart from the free one everyone gets daily. Am I missing something?

    I guess I'm giving Nataku praise as I did not know they haven't done this before so yeah this is definitely new if they honestly haven't done it before so yeah it was a surprise to me. Congrats on WDiana btw, she looks like an awesome unit, better then Nike Unleashed I think?

    Despite the negativity that I'm unaware of concerning Nataku in the past as I'm sure many have had. This is something really positive for 2020, for me at least.

    Edit: Just got Saraswati, shes not a full healer but she can buff herself and 1 ally with her skills, I might Water Cybele but unknown of which is better.

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    got light frey on 10 chain free draw on dmm few hours back, so ye it still on

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    I got iris, cu chulainn (awakened at time of posting) + 3 of her weapons, Erebus and Buer. The break limit materials campaign helps me to awaken Raiko, Asherah and Titania.
    At DMM end, I get Lahskmi, Iris, Dark Svarog and a few repeat SSR hime weapons. Pretty much like having a whole new set of teams to play with all the new additions.

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    Well, I don't play Nutaku Kamihime no more so I would say only about DMM side - I've got 2 useless ssr summons (Huanlong may be not so useless if I will have 1 more because mlb one is okay stat stick). My hime from free pulls are Minerva (I don't see any usage for her) and thunder Sol (great for those who don't have a Dian, like me). 20 rolls into Uriel/Ctulhu boosted gacha gave me Ctulhu aw. I would say that Uriel should be better in my case, but it's still a top tier pick. About 60+ tickets gave me nothing. 5 days of free pulls left so my chance to get at least 1 more ssr is more then half.

    edit: campaign is over. no new ssr obtained.
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    As usual, I got no SSRs at all. This is partly why I play free only - even if I bought a ton of gacha, they’d still contain only R and SR eidolons and weapons.

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