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    [Event 129] DWU collab advent

    So, we've missed threads for these events:
    [Event 125] Horus Advent reprint
    [Event 126] Dark Marchosias raid
    [Event 127] Stolas Advent reprint
    [Event 128] Water Python raid
    [Event 128.3] 7th Skill Checker-kun
    [Event 128.6] Light Union Angel event
    With Kitty being MIA, nobody bothers to make threads for these anymore...

    So anyway, this event is a thing. There's like, zero story or anything, just "here is DWU, I guess you guys won't care about her since she's Japanese sooo... like, here is the event?"

    The reason why I made the thread was really this:

    I'd just like to point out that that this is NOT the stuff that you get for free. You can get a whopping 6 tickets from this event (4 for mats, 2 for dailies), but they're not the DWU-only tickets. Nope, those 30 bucks each. The free tickets are rate-up tickets, so good luck with that!

    And I guess getting a 3% chance for DWU for 30 bucks is an odd thing. That's just 1000 dollars on average to get her through them! I mean, considering that you'd need to roll ~33 gachas for that on average. If the 30x rate is true, it's probably something like ~722 bucks on average to get her directly without the tickets. Something like that, CLOSE ENOUGH.

    Also, this is a thing:
    ◆『Daily Special Selection Gacha』


    【Sale Period】
     Oct. 11th 20:00 ~ Oct. 19th, 20:00


    3000 Star Coins
    3000 Magic Jewels
    also because the Summer ProFesta,
    free draw every day!!
    - Until Aug. 18th
    - the free draw will reset at the 20:00
    Yuuuup, they just literally copypasted the free draw thing from Summer ProFesta.
    No, there is no free draw.

    And finally, in your messages, the "DWU collab has begun!" message links you to an Advent that doesn't exist. Because they somehow fucked that up too, it seems.

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    Actually, this isn't exactly related to the event, but close enough?

    So like, one week ago-ish, Chrome released version 86. This isn't an actual quote from Google's own page, but fuck it, close enough:
    Throttling to the background tab
    Originally intended to be included in Chrome 85, background tab throttling is available in Chrome 86.
    Tabs that runs in the background are limited to a maximum of 1% of CPU time after being idle for five minutes or more.
    Tabs are allowed to “wake up” once a minute in the background.
    Hope the feature improves performance when you have a lot of tabs open at the same time.
    Google always strives to limit CPU usage from open tabs.
    What this means is that you can't leave Kamihime AABing in a tab that you've tabbed out of anymore. Now, to begin with, if you intend to play Kamihime, you really, really, REALLY should've disabled Chrome updates years ago, but if have updated to 86, then here's the solution for this shit:
    Search for occlusion
    "Calculate window occlusion on Windows" set to disable
    Now, this might have unfortunate side effects like high CPU usage, but what can you do? Google haet gaems such as these, so again, disable auto-updating or get fucked.

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