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    [Event 151] Lindworm Advent event

    We've missed threads for these events:
    [Event 150.5] Water Tower (currently ongoing)

    So, I'm doing this post... about a week in advance. That means that the event isn't out yet, and therefore no Heroic portion. The DMM wiki is pretty empty about it, but it looks like there's some kind of DoT that can only be removed by combo attacking, and the boss debuffs you with Combo- so... if you have Parac and Fire Dian/Artemis, you'll be golden. If not, you're fucked probably. Good luck! Hope you have farmed those Phaleg Staves!

    Ophiel+ is already out. It's retarded, as expected.

    You need to kill two adds, with hundreds of millions HP (150m+120m I think). And they have extra Def too, 15 just like Butler (and probably Phaleg+ and Ophiel+, that's just harder to test). Just literal fucking damage sponges, they exist solely to waste your time (~405m HP worth of damage sponging).

    Once those are dead, there is a potential raid wide wipe Trigger from Ophiel. Then another one at 65%. And then another one at 15%. This last one also buffs Ophiel's Def and Atk SKY-FUCKING-HIGH. In other words, the fight is all about just that last 15%... for a fight that'll probably last you over 30 minutes... so yeah, after wasting your time for 30 minutes, the raid might easily wipe near the end where each Overdrive is just game ending, like, 20k+ against my Def stacked team, so probably 30k AoE each every two turns. And yet again - it's not only her damage output which goes SKY-FUCKING-HIGH. I Full Bursted the bitch for 3m damage while Vigor was still going. As a Thunder main. Yup. That Def+ is no fucking joke. Have fun with that final ~51m(?) HP!! Which is probably effectively 102m or maybe even higher, hard to say.

    And what do you get for beating it? Probably around two drops. Out of the 1500 you need for your Ophiel Lances. Yup. That's it. Fun, isn't it. And remember that you'll need 200 more for Rudra and Fenrir, assuming you have them. Each.

    October will remove the "every 20 turn you die" Trigger. April 2022 will remove the Atk/Def- immunity, though those debuffs will only work at half power (Sniper Shot deals -10% Atk and -10% Def). Additionally, DMM wiki mentions that "the Def+ buff is E X T R E M E" which is strikethroughed, so maybe it was bugged for a short while and got fixed? Well, whatever the case, the core of this fight is not going to change.

    So anyway. The reason why I am making this thread already is because I intend for this to be my last post. If anyone actually still reads this forum, that's probably been fairly apparent from my lack of interest for the past month, I'd think. Ever since Phaleg+ really. I'll slap my thoughts in a spoiler so that you don't have to care about them. And for those who aren't going to read my whines, I'd just like to thank you for the years.

    Right. Whining time. Well, I guess the obvious biggest problem are the Guardian+ fights. They are just awful, awful fights. Now, KH has had hard farm content before. Like, the original Thunder and Light Ragnarok Disasters would still be formidable to this day. They were... pretty retarded fights to be honest. Still, you were able to zerg them down okay. Not to mention that it was still a time when there was still lots to improve in your Grids - most people weren't running full FLB Grids at the time, if I recall.

    Additionally, the droprate of ~0.5 drops per fight (assuming you didn't MvP) or ~1.5 if you hosted was pretty bad, but you only really needed 240 drops. Let's say you helped two raids a day and hosted your three, that was ~5.5 drops a day, you'd be done in like one and a half months. For a marathon game like KH, that wasn't THAT bad. For Guardians... well, you needed a fuckton of drops and the droprates were still as bad as for Ragnarok Disasters, but for weapon farm, you could just buy 1/2 weapons instead of 4 and save hundreds of needed drops. Again, it was bad, but it wasn't THAT bad. Both of these fights not only got improved drops later, but also Purple Chests which have been an insanely good thing. Today, you can probably get like 5 drops per fight. So, what about Guardian+ then? Well... well. Well. The short version is, fuck you. The long version is, you can expect about 2 drops per fight and you need... 1500-1900 drops, maybe even more depending. The fights also take SO. FUCKING. LONG. That you can realistically only do a couple in a day.

    I think this would be a good time to put in a note about Atlas. Atlas was... okay. Content that was specifically designed to not be AAB-able. Content that you needed to get 5-6 people together, all whom built synergistic teams and communicated. And dropwise? Everyone gets 1 every time. Host and MVP gets bonus chances. As for how much you needed... well, 7 per weapon and 30 for all Eidolons. Additional 60 for the FLBs on those Eidolons (which Nutaku doesn't have yet). Additionally, you needed 44 for Cores to get one weapon and all the Eidolons. So ~81-141 fights for a full set of Eidolons and one weapon. If you just can get a group going and do it like once a day, it's not bad. And to be noted, neither the weapons nor the Eidolons are really required at all. They have some niche uses, and that's it.

    Now, back to the more common raids. Add in the goddamn Errors that the KH client spams at you these days while raiding. I fully expected the errors to be fixed in about one year - you know, Chrome gets updated, shit gets broken, game devs fix the shit that Chrome devs broke with some bubblegum patchwork aaaand everything is back to normal. Considering how we're one year behind DMM, so will our bubblegum patchworks be. But how long have these Errors been popping up? I'm... pretty sure it's been well over a year now - if not two. So yeah, telling me to do the retarded Guardian+ fights WHILE these errors are popping up is just... please no.

    Next up, we have the community of the game. The playerbase is... well, basically hiding in their own social bubbles, in their own Discord servers. Now, it's not like this forum ever TRULY brought the community together or anything, but it was still a common ground where different social bubbles clashed to spark interesting conversations about different ways of min/maxing. That's how I saw it, anyway. Now? Well. Those days are long, long gone. My thanks to the people who kept making good posts on these forums - sanahtlig, Cobblemaniac, Gludateton and dreamlitz especially, off the top of my head. There has been dozens of others who I've butted heads with, my thanks to all of you. Well, except for this one particular guy. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

    Anyway. So yeah, these forums are dead. These different social bubbles have just isolated themselves into their own, tiny corners of the internet. I suppose many of them also go to the official KH Discord but... ... it's a chat. A chat is NOT a good ground for that stuff. Sigh. Additionally, I grieve over the lack of social interest that people in the community seemingly have. Like, I said years ago that it looks like top Unions are gonna need to start merging but... did that ever happen? No, it still hasn't happened. Sure, some Unions outright died and remainders scattered across the server but... as far as I know, no Unions outright combined their might.

    Like when I joined Isekai, there was like, ten people in the Union. Ten. Would it have been extremely easy to merge into another Union and have an easier time for everyone? Yes. Did it happen? Oh hell no. Because of completely meaningless things, like "pride in accomplishments" or "oh those guys hate us because of drama" and I just go... what. Come on.

    Guys, together we are strong. I can't believe that an introvert like me needs to say this. Rather than stay in our own social bubbles, we should go out and clash those ideas. Rather than keep our knowledge amongst our own social bubble "for an advantage," we should share that stuff publically (like on these forums for example). Keeping to ourselves is only going to make us weaker. Like, the very reason why I started to make and spread the word about the encyclopedia in Sanahtlig's toolbox was because I noticed that multiple social bubbles were doing similar things but keeping their work to themselves. Come on guys, only one person really needed to translate DMM wiki. Why have a dozen people in a dozen social bubbles do it? Combine our Unions so that not only will there be less Unions total to competite for those prizes, but also to reduce the amount of work each individual will need to do. So yeah, let's combine our strengths and our knowledge so that we can all be off better.

    ... what's that? Nobody is reading these forums? Well, that failure of a motivational speech wouldn't have made a difference anyway. Oh well.

    And then there's another aspect of the community which irks me. At least this time, it's not exactly their fault, though. I'm talking about selfish builds (for example, Yori bombing) and botting.

    Yori bombing has really gotten out of hand. I get it, I get it. The fact is, it's the ideal way to play. If there are enough Yori bombers, all raids can be killed in record times. Well, all except Guardian+ raids. As such... why not Yori bomb? Well, because IT SUCKS, that's why. Yori bombers are completely useless after their first turn or two, and yet, I'm sick and tired of losing MVP to them just because enough of them joined to kill the fight. Like, really. Can't you build a solid team and fight the damn fight with me? Come on guys, come on. But yeah, the devs game enough power to players that Yori bombing became an ideal strat, so I guess I can somewhat understand it.

    Anyway. Yori bombing, when combined with botting, just makes for an awful, awful game experience. Especially in this age of Guardian+ raids, where people run their bots, take a precious slot, slap some 20-40m damage out of a 1000m damage fight and just die. It's like... why. Why would you do this? Oh that's right, because you're fucking botting. It's not like you have any attachment to anything. Lose a fight? Doesn't matter, you weren't even there, you have no reason to care one bit. The bot already completed like ten other fights in that time, after all. Sigh. And I get it, I get it. The devs have made the game far too grindy for people to care to grind it out themselves. And after years of playing this old game, they're "too invested" in the game thanks to the sunken cost fallacy. So, they bot. Especially after the recent Union event changes, people have started to bot LIKE CRAZY. There's... there's... basically nobody left, really. So if somebody joins your raid, it's probably a botter who lags your game and is a Yori bomber who also steals your loot. And that just makes for a miserable game experience.

    And I guess I should throw in a note about those Purple Chests I mentioned earlier. Before them, the game was developing a massive issue with leechers. Again, I get it, I get it. Leeching was simply the best way to get loot. I did it too, at times. With decent teams, mind you, ones that could start helping the raid if shit hit the fan. None of that "lul Phantom Dartagnan with drop+ items XD" bullshit. Purple Chests were created to deal with the game design problem of "awful drops, whether or not you contribute!"
    In other words, Yori bombing could be fixed by the devs. And hey, perhaps here an avid fanboy might go "ayyy but dats why they made Technica see they have foresight AYYY", but well... this time around, if that is the solution to Yori bombers, the thing is, Technica isn't accessible. Maybe they should've just put that shit into some repeating event, like I don't know, LABYRINTHS. Oh wait, they removed Labyrinths entirely. Sigh. Couldn't keep giving those free triple-skill FLB weapons to the players, I guess. The point is, I don't think that botting Yori bombers are going to go away, and they'll keep ruining Guardian+ fights because they don't have any reason to give a shit.

    What else is there in Kamihime, then? Well, the amount of events has dropped from one a week, to one per two weeks. With an additional repeating event every two weeks, so technically there's one event per week but... but it's just not the same. And Hime themselves? Anshar was released... about exactly one year ago (for us), and was the very final new Hime in the game. Ever since then all "new" Hime are just new clothes on an old Hime. And there's a LOOOOT of Limited Hime too. I had a look at the current Miracle Ticket, and wow. Anshar was actually... quite close to the final few available selections. Yikes.
    And sure, there are new Eidolons but... it's not really the same. Especially when the new Eidolons are all useless. To this day, Tiamat remains the best statted event Eidolon... ... back from April 2018 (for us). Jesus christ. That's over three years ago... wait, when did I start playing this? May 2017? Yikes. Anyway. They may have forced us to use same-element-only Eidolons thanks to the second generation of P2W Eidolons, but still, for almost two years now all the Eidolons that I get I only keep around for collection purposes. They're literally useless. So what else is there...? ... well... Heroics. Sadly, if you've been reading my posts on Heroics, they're very much a hit and miss. Some are alright, some are outright fucking awful.

    Soooo... yeah. I quit. I'm done. I'm out.
    Now, I've quit this game before - around August 2018 - but this time is quite different. That time I was unemployed, had too much time on my hands, spent the time on KH, got sick of the grind. A couple of months later, I was employed again and needed some nice, relaxing grind game. Well, back to KH I went.

    This time... this time I feel like KH is going to join the long(?) list of games that I played for years, enjoyed, but eventually the devs took it to a direction that I didn't like and I was forced to move on. Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, TERA, Tree of Savior, Kamihime. I miss all of you, but time does not rewind. I'm sure that over the years, I will keep adding more and more titles to that list. That's just how life goes.

    I don't regret my time here. If nothing else, I have learned that I am far too weak-willed to be allowed to play gacha games. The amount of money I have spent is... uh, I don't even want to check. But it is no small sum, especially for my small income. Even though the only time I've ever truly whaled was for KARIN, towards whom I spent 1k bucks and got nothing but three Titania Staves out of. Still, the special offers over these years have got me hook, line and sinker. I'm pretty sure that the total amount is more than what I've spent on other games in my entire life combined, even if I count consoles themselves... but probably less if I count PC parts. I've spent a pretty penny on PC parts over the years, after all.

    So yeah. It's been nice. Maybe we'll all meet again one day. Have a nice day, and have a nice life.

    And have this video that I meant to make just as a meme, but then RNG ruined the entire thing:

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    [QUOTE=Slashley;156890]We've missed threads for these events:
    [Event 150.5] Water Tower (currently ongoing)

    Sad to see you go I always enjoyed reading your posts even though most of the time I didn't have anything to contribute. Unfortunately the internets golden forum age where you actually learned something and had a sense of community are long over. Now all that is left are "chats" which boil down to nothing but memes and noobs asking the same questions that are already in the FAQ for the millionth time. So I do understand where you are coming from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashley View Post

    So yeah. It's been nice. Maybe we'll all meet again one day. Have a nice day, and have a nice life.
    I will miss having you on this forum. I know a lot of us have retreated into message groups (which I'll agree is a universal shame) and that the world has gotten more intransigent and uninterested in actual discussion, but having a place for pure discussion and the exchange of ideas was something golden. Hopefully we'll meet in the next cool gacha game or something else and that you'll learn to control your spending urges. Games these days aren't like the old ones where you got a ton of value for a moderate expense; now they're just trying to take it from suckers out there.

    Stay strong and have a good life.


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    yeah man shame to see you go, but only you can make this decision, i wish you good fortune with the next game you find and love to play.

    good luck man and good bye

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    It is a shame that this game has fallen out of favour for you; I am sorry to see you go. It is also a shame that forum speak has died off, but with the increasing popularity of Discord chat being more 'safe' as it were, that was inevitable.

    Good fortune to you.

    EDIT: also dammit, I wanted T Cata, but it took a *lot* of MJ and SC for just Djehuti to drop, and after that I was done. Grats i guess?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashley View Post
    Seeing my name mentioned after all those years is a honour.
    For the rest of things mentioned, it seems that what made me leave the game is even worse now, so I can only commend your decision (and I am generally against gacha system, so there's that).
    Who knows, maybe we'll meet sometime in some other game (and we'll probably never know, as I did play TERA, RO and ToS in the past), so cheers to that moment. See ya.

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